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Instagram : What Is Error Code 550 & How To Fix It


Upon initiating a tool in SuSocial, you might encounter the error code 550 popping up on your Instagram account. Let’s unpack the meaning behind this error and explore its complexities to better understand and address it.

Decoding Error 550

When you come across the error 550, it’s a direct indication of a specific setting configuration. More specifically, it typically arises due to the options below:

-When executing any tool use only accounts with specific tag names.

– When executing any Tool, for scraping, use only accounts with specific tagnames.

You can find this setting by navigating through Settings > Social platforms > Instagram > General tab:

This error often happens because you might not have enough scraper accounts. These scraper accounts are really important because they do the big job of executing the API Calls and scraping information for the tool(s) in the main account to work properly.

It’s recommended to add at least 2 or 3 scrapers for each main account.

Potential Reasons for the Error

  1. Insufficient Scrapper Accounts: One of the primary reasons for encountering this error is not having an adequate number of scrapper accounts. The tools might be demanding more data scraping than your current number of accounts can handle.
  2. Usage of Embedded Browser Only: If you have this option turned on and you don’t have scraper accounts set up for collecting data, there’s a good chance you’ll see the error 550. Please check this guide to know how to set up the Scraper method.

It’s crucial to remember that if you decide to employ the options mentioned above, you should maintain a ratio of at least 3 scraper accounts for every 1 main account. This ensures smooth operations without overburdening a single account.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Error

To fix the error 550, you need to use scrapers. If you’re already using them but still see the error, try adding more scraper accounts. This should help get rid of the error code 550.


The article addresses the error code 550 encountered when using a tool in SuSocial on an Instagram account. This error signifies a specific setting configuration and commonly occurs due to two main reasons: executing tools using only accounts with certain tag names and for scraping purposes. The primary cause of this error is an insufficient number of scraper accounts, essential for executing API Calls and gathering data for the main account. To avoid this error, it is recommended to maintain a ratio of 3 scraper accounts to every 1 main account. To rectify the issue, users need to increase the number of scraper accounts.

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