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SuSocial System Requirements


Su Social is a Windows-based software designed for managing and automating social media accounts. Whether you want to use it on your personal computer or a virtual private server, the program requires a computer running Windows.

We advise using Windows 7 SP2, 8, 10, or 11 as your operating system if you intend to use it on your personal computer. Otherwise, we advise using Windows Server 2019 OS on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server.

Your computer/VPS must also have .NET Framework 4.8 installed.

Utilizing Su Social on a Windows VPS is recommended for a more practical solution and top performance. By using this method, you won’t need to keep your computer running constantly to run the software.

How much power does Su Social require?

The number of social accounts you have and the tasks you intend to automate on each of those accounts will have a significant impact on the technical requirements of the computer or virtual private server where you will be installing Su Social.

For instance, a computer with 2GB of RAM and a 2 Core CPU should be adequate for normal use, which entails using 2-3 social media accounts and posting up to 10 posts per day with each of them.

Therefore, you will require a more powerful computer if you intend to add and automate more social accounts. It takes at least 4GB of RAM to manage 10 or more social media accounts.


➡ If you have the resources, it’s advised to use Su Social on a computer with an SSD disk because having an SSD disk in your computer significantly improves its performance.

There’s still hope if you have problems running Su Social on outdated or underpowered systems. The number of primary and secondary browsers that can operate simultaneously can be set. You can modify (decrease the value) to improve Su Social‘s performance.

For instance, three to four concurrent connections (primary embedded browsers) would be sufficient if you were managing ten social media accounts to complete all tasks assigned to them.


The technical requirements of Su Social vary based on the number of social accounts and tasks you intend to automate.

An SSD disk can significantly improve the performance of Su Social. In case of outdated or underpowered systems, you can modify the number of primary and secondary browsers to improve the program’s performance. Overall, Su Social is a powerful tool for managing and automating social media accounts, but it requires adequate technical specifications to run smoothly.

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