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The Facebook Account Actions Tool


The Account Actions tool on Facebook allows users to automate various actions such as accepting friends, liking posts from their newsfeed, poking friends, and marking notifications as read. This tool is designed to make your account appear more natural and imitate human behavior. In essence, Account Actions enables you to streamline your Facebook experience and make managing your account easier.

How to use the Account Actions:

Run Timers

– This is the part of the tool where you configure when and how often the tool is going to execute the actions.

  1. Indicate the interval, the time that the tool will wait, before executing a new operation. Each time it starts a new operation, SU Social will pick a random value from the X-Y minutes you’ve specified.
  2. Choose the time of the day when the tool will execute the actions.
  3. Pick the days of the weeks when you want to do the actions. You can opt to rotate the days for more randomness and exclude weekends.
  4. You can add intervals to your Execution time, you also have the option to randomize intervals daily.

💡If you opt for rotating the days, SU Social will select the same number of days you initially specified. This selection is done randomly, and you have the option to exclude weekends from the variation if you do not wish to perform any Account Actions on Saturdays and Sundays.

Accept Friends

– This is where you set the limitations and filters when choosing who to accept as your friends.

1. First, tick the option ‘Enable Auto Accept Friend Requests’ and then decide on the number of friends you want to accept for every operation. For instance, you set it to 10 and 15, SU Social will accept a random number of friends between 10 and 15 and stop accepting friend requests until the next operation.

2. Next, set the maximum number of friend request you want to accept each hour and day. Again, a random number will be selected from the X-Y values you’ve listed.

✅ You have the option to ‘Increase each day with X until it reaches Y max accept per hour and day“. How this option works is, let’s say you set the Account Actions tool to accept max 10 – 20 per day and to increase each day with 5 until it reaches 50 accepts per day, SU Social will accept 10 – 20 friends on day 1, 15 – 25 on day 2, 25 – 30 on day 3 and so on until the max (second number) hits 50.

3. SU Social can also be set to ‘Stop accepting friend requests after X friends accepted’; use this in case you don’t want to have too many friends on your profile.

4. Even though you can’t control who sends you friend requests, we made it possible to control which friend requests you will accept and which one you will reject based on the requester’s name.

5. Another useful option here is to set SU Social to reject friend requests from users with non-English characters in their names

6. Then you can opt to delete the requests of those who fail the Exclude filter

7. The last option is to ‘Send a message to those that accepted friend request’; this will allow you to send a message to each user you have accepted. Just check the box, write your message, set the percentage of how many accepted users you want to send a message to and you will be able to send messages to accepted friends via the Contact tool – Send messages tool.

8. Accept friend requests with a minimum of x number of mutual connections.

💡 The message field supports spinning syntax so you can use it to make your messages unique

Other Actions

1. If you check ‘Enable Auto Like’ SU Social will like a random post on your newsfeed, just like real users would do.

2. By default, the Account Actions tool will mark your messages and notifications as read. However, If you don’t want SU Social to do this then you can opt to ‘Skip clicking on Messages in Facebook’ as well as ‘Skip clicking on Notifications in Facebook’.

4. If you check “Watch Videos on Facebook Watch“, the account will watch videos from the Watch section.

5. When the Use Facebook ‘Save Post‘ option is selected, the tool will save a post in X% of the operations it performs.

6. If you check Use Facebook “Save Video”, the tool will save a video in X% of the operations it performs.

✅ Good to know:

  • At the bottom of the tab, you can see stats, such as how many friends the tool has accepted in total, how many posts it liked in total and how many friends it poked.
  • Like in every other tool, you’ll find the COPY SETTINGS action link at the top of the page, this will allow you to easily copy settings to the Account Actions tool of other Facebook accounts.


To sum up, Account Actions is a powerful tool on Facebook that allows users to automate various actions, such as accepting friends, liking posts, poking friends, and marking notifications as read. It helps to make your account appear more natural and mimic human behavior. The tool is easy to use and allows for customization, such as setting the frequency of actions, deciding which friend requests to accept based on certain criteria, and sending messages to new friends. Additionally, users can track the total number of actions performed through the stats section. Overall, Account Actions can help streamline your Facebook experience and make it easier to manage your account.

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