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The Facebook Notifications Off Tool


Receiving notifications has its pros and cons.  It keeps you up to date on the activities of your groups such as when people posted or reacted to your post.

They can take the form of a message sent to your associated email or you may receive SMS or text notifications (in the mobile version).

While it may be useful at times, if you have hundreds of groups, it could be distracting and quite annoying.

How to turn off notifications using SU SOCIAL

To start using the tool, just click your Facebook account from the TOOLS page and click Notifications Off from the sub-menu. Note that this will only turn off group notifications and it does not include other Facebook notifications.


Run Timers section:

1. This is the X-Y seconds that the tool will wait before starting a new operation.

2. Set the hours when you want the tool to operate.

3. Choose the days of the week when the tool will execute actions.

💡There is an option to rotate the days. If you enable this option, SU Social would use the same number of days you have initially selected and rotate it.

For example, you checked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, on the following week, SU Social will select random 3 days to execute the action.  You have the option to exclude weekends in the variation should you prefer not to execute the action on said days.

4. Additional Group Actions:


  • Enable this option if you wish to automatically turn off notifications for newly added groups.


  • If this option is checked SU Social, will automatically unfollow the groups you selected for which to turn off notifications.
  • When you unfollow a group, their posts would not show on your feed.

5. On this section, you will find all your groups.

  • You can select/check the groups for which to turn off notifications.
  • Use the filter to find specific groups. This option is very useful if you have hundreds of groups.
  • You have the option to SELECT ALL and SELECT NONE for bulk select actions.

💡At the top of the Notifications Off tab, we have the ‘Copy Settings’ button. You can use this handy feature if you want to copy the settings to your other Facebook accounts.


In short, receiving notifications from Facebook groups can be both useful and overwhelming, especially if you belong to hundreds of groups. To manage these notifications, you can use the SU Social tool. With this tool, you can easily turn off group notifications and customize the settings to your liking, such as selecting the hours and days of the week when you want to receive notifications. Additionally, you can automatically turn off notifications for newly added groups and unfollow groups that you no longer wish to receive notifications from. The tool also offers a filter option to help you find specific groups and a bulk selection option for selecting all or none of your groups. Overall, SU Social provides a convenient and effective way to manage Facebook group notifications.

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