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The Facebook Unjoiner Tool


The level of organization you maintain can significantly impact the success of your social media marketing endeavors. Despite the various methods available to keep your account structured, it’s not uncommon for things to spiral out of control, particularly if you have amassed numerous groups. These groups could be from past projects that no longer align with your niche and therefore, remain unused or those that your friends have added you to. As a result, it’s wise to periodically declutter your account as a good practice.

The SuSocial Group Unjoiner tool is designed to assist you in cleaning up your Facebook accounts by allowing you to leave groups that are no longer relevant either you joined the manually or using the Joiner tool. This tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind, enabling you to set it up swiftly and begin utilizing it immediately.

How to use the Unjoiner tool

Run Timers

1. The Unjoiner tool is designed to operate by unjoining one group at a time. The “Wait between X and Y seconds between each new operation” option determines the duration that the SU Social tool will pause between unjoining each group. To make the process seem more organic, the tool will randomly select a duration between the specified X-Y seconds.

2. With the Unjoiner tool, you have the flexibility to specify the number of groups you wish to leave every day. The tool will then randomly select groups to unjoin based on the parameters you have established. Additionally, you have the option to increase the number of groups to leave each day until it reaches the maximum daily limit you’ve set.

📌 To ensure optimal performance with any of our tools, we recommend starting slowly with the default settings and gradually increasing your usage. This is why we have included the “Increase each day with X until it reaches Y max Unjoin per day” option. For example, if you’ve set the tool to unjoin between 10 and 20 groups per day and to increase by 5 until it reaches a maximum of 50, the tool will gradually increase the minimum and maximum number of unjoined groups each day. On the first day, you will unjoin 10-20 groups, the next day 15-25, and so on, until you reach 45-50, unjoins per day.

3. Select the in-between time when you want the tool to execute the unjoin actions.

4. You have the option to randomize intervals of execution daily.

5. If this option is checked when you unjoined a group this will prevent adding you back to the group.

6. Aside from the time of the day, you can also choose the days when you want it to operate. You may choose to rotate the days and exclude weekends.

💡When using SU Social, the tool will randomly select a rotating schedule of days that is equivalent to the number of days you’ve chosen. Additionally, you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you prefer not to unjoin groups on Saturdays and Sundays.

7. When you are all set, you can start the Unjoiner by switching the Status to ON.

Waiting For An Unjoin Request

All groups that you want to unjoin and sent to Unjoiner will be listed on this table where it will wait for processing then they will move to the Unjoined table.


On this table, you’ll find the groups that have been processed and were unjoined.

💡If you wish to apply the same settings to multiple accounts when using the Unjoiner tool, you can utilize the “Copy Settings” action link located at the top of the page. Simply select the accounts you wish to apply the settings to and click “OK”.


In conclusion, the SU Social Group Unjoiner tool is a helpful tool for decluttering your Facebook accounts by unjoining unwanted groups. It is user-friendly and easy to set up, with customizable options for the number of groups to unjoin each day, intervals between unjoin operations, and schedule for executing the unjoin actions. The tool also has features to prevent being re-added to unjoined groups and the ability to copy settings across multiple accounts. By using the Unjoiner tool, you can keep your social media accounts organized and efficiently manage your group memberships.

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