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The Facebook Joiner Tool


The Joiner Tool is a powerful tool that allows you to automate your social media management on Facebook. With this tool, you can join groups in your niche with ease, without the need to manually join each one. The tool is very easy to use and can be configured in a matter of minutes, helping you manage your time more efficiently. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how to use the Joiner Tool, including its various features and settings, and how to get the most out of it. Whether you’re new to social media automation or an experienced user, this article is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their productivity and streamline their social media management.

The Joiner Tool enables you to automatically join groups in your niche.  You can either send the groups you found using the Finder tool here or import groups directly to the tool.  It allows you to be more productive and lets you manage your time more efficiently because you do not need to manually join each group.  It is very easy to use and you can configure it in less than 5 minutes or so.

How To Use the Joiner Tool

  • Like all the other SU Social tools, to access the Joiner Tool, you’ll need to go to the TOOLS page and choose the Facebook account which you want to run the tool for.
  • Click on the account or MORE TOOLS action then go to the Joiner tab
  • You will see 4 main areas in the Joiner tab. You have the Run Timers, Joiner Settings, Waiting For A Join Request Table, and Active Join Request Table


Run Timers

This is the area where you control the behavior of the tool in terms of the operating hours and days.

1. You have the ‘Wait between X-Y seconds’ before each new operation; this is the random seconds that the tool will wait before it initiates a new operation

2. ‘Execute between X-Y hours’ is where you can set the hours when the account will send a group join requests.

3. Randomize intervals of the execution daily.

4. You can let the tool rest for random minutes when it has joined x-y groups by ticking the option ‘Add random sleep time’

5. Select the days of the week when you want the tool to join groups. You can rotate the days and it will pick different days (equivalent to the number of days you initially chose) per week.  And you can exclude weekends when selecting the days.

Joiner Settings

This is the part of the tool where you can control how the tool is going to join the groups you’ve selected.

6. Join maximum X-Y per day is where you can set the number of groups that the account will join per day. You can gradually increase the maximum number each day until it reaches your target limit.

✅ If you don’t want to put a limit on the number of groups to join each day, you can set it to ‘ 0 – 0 ’.

7. By default, when the tool starts joining, it will pick the topmost group on the list but if you want to do it differently, you can select to ‘Pick a random group to join instead of the first one from the list below’ or ‘Pick groups by the number of Members’ (in descending order) in case you want to join groups that have more members compared with the others on the list.

8. There is also an option to cancel pending group join requests after X days if the request was not accepted.

9. Now, if you want to retry your join requests, say you want to cancel and re-send a join request, you can opt to set the X days in the labeled option; otherwise, set it to ‘0’ and it will not auto retry

10. Last is the ‘Auto-stop the tool after reaching X joined groups. You can choose to stop joining groups once it has joined your preferred maximum number of groups.  Again, set it to ‘0’ if you want to ignore this setting.

11. You can utilize the “Skip Groups Already Joined By Other Accounts” option to avoid joining groups that have already been joined by other accounts.

Answer Group Join Question:

Some Facebook groups may require you to answer a few questions before sending the join request, and the option below is built to help you set up automatic answers based on keywords.

Once you click EDIT AUTO ANSWER LIST, you will see the new tab below where you can set up the answers.

  1. Here is where you can add the keywords
  2. Put the answer for the keyword(s).
  3. You can add a new answer.
  4. Click Ok once you finish adding the keyword(s) and the answers.

Waiting For a Join Request

This table shows the groups you have sent from the Finder or imported and are waiting for execution.  There are quite a few action links there that you can use in sorting out the groups prior to starting the tool. Some of the options are straightforward such as Select All, Select None, Remove Selected, Remove Unselected, Export Selected and Import Groups.  The other two are:

  • Select Doubles — you click on this if you want to remove groups that have been joined by other accounts of the same tag. It also applies to those groups that received a join request from other accounts of the same tag.
  • Advanced Selection — click on this option if you want to do an advanced sorting of the groups that are waiting for a join request. You can filter groups by minimum or the maximum number of users, by tags that were added prior to sending them to the Joiner and so on.
  • The moment you are satisfied with your settings, you can start the tool by switching the Status to ON.

Active Join Request

As soon as the tool starts joining groups, it will move the groups where it sent a join request to this table.  From here, you will see either Pending or Joined (groups that accepted your join request would display this status).

💡 To save time in setting up other Joiner tools of the same social network, just hit the Copy Settings action link at the top of the page, select the groups and settings you wish to reproduce for the other accounts.


In conclusion, the Joiner Tool is a useful tool that can help you automate the process of joining groups on Facebook With its simple interface, you can easily configure it to join groups within your niche, manage your time more efficiently, and increase your productivity.

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