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The Facebook Accept Members Tool


The SU Social Accept tool is accessible for both Facebook and LinkedIn. It provides a time-saving solution for accepting group members in Facebook groups and connection requests on LinkedIn. This makes it an ideal tool for those who want to efficiently manage and grow their groups without the hassle of manually accepting each new member.

How To Access the Accept tool

The Facebook Accept Tool is simple to set up, as all you need to do is go to the Tools page, click on the Facebook account where you want to use the tool, or follow the “More Tools” action link to the Accept tab, as shown in the accompanying image.

On the Accept tab, you will see the following:

Run Timers section

1. The ‘Wait between X-Y minutes’ is where you set the interval in minutes before each new operation starts.

2. Choose the hours when you want to accept members to your groups by specifying it in the ‘Execute between X-Y’ timers.

3. You may opt to run the tool on certain days only or rotate the days by selecting the ‘Days of the week when to operate’.

💡 If you decide to rotate the days, SU Social will pick random days when it will operate equivalent to the number of days you initially selected.  You can also choose not to include weekends in the selection of days.

4. Randomize intervals of the execution daily.

User Filters section

5. You can set the number to accept users with  X-Y number of groups.

6. It will accept users with location containing the keywords that you set.

✅ If a user fails the filters you set, it will be rejected.

7. If you want to send a message to the newly accepted member, you can check the option ‘Send a message to those accepted in the groups’.  It will send the accepted member to the Contact tool where it would be queued for processing when you have started the said tool.

💡 When creating your message, you can use spintax as well as any of the supported tokens seen below the message text box.

Selecting the Groups

Once you have configured the behavior of the tool, the next step is to choose the groups where you want to run the Accept tool on.

  • All you have to do is tick the checkbox of the respective groups. Should you wish to execute the action on all your groups, just click ‘Select All’ and if you want to reset the selected groups, click ‘Select None’.
  • To start accepting members to your selected groups, just turn the Status switch to ON.

💡 If you have multiple Facebook accounts on SU Social and want to replicate the settings for the Accept Tool across all accounts, you can easily do so by clicking the “Copy Settings” action link. This will allow you to choose the accounts and the corresponding settings you wish to duplicate on the other Facebook Accept Tools.


In short, the SU Social Accept tool is a powerful and convenient tool for managing and expanding Facebook and LinkedIn groups. It allows users to automate the acceptance of group members and connection requests, saving time and effort. The tool is easy to set up, with options to customize its behavior through run timers and user filters. Users can also send messages to newly accepted members and choose the groups they want the tool to operate on. Additionally, the tool can be duplicated to multiple Facebook accounts, making it an efficient tool for managing multiple accounts. Whether you’re looking to manage and grow your social media presence, the SU Social Accept tool is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

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