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The Twitter Mention Tool


If Twitter is a crucial platform for you and mass mentioning is a staple of your marketing approach, then SU Social offers a convenient solution to streamline this time-intensive process.

How to start a Mention Campaign?

Prior to utilizing the Twitter Mention tool, it is imperative to establish a campaign for your mentions as the initial step.

Just click Campaigns > choose Standard Campaign > name it Mention Campaign or whatever name you prefer. (In this guide, the name of the Mention Campaign is Campaign 1)

The next thing is creating a Destination List which you will be using for your Mention Campaign. Simply click on your campaign> Where To Publish tab > Destinations Lists and click ADD DESTINATION LIST button, name your destination list then select the Twitter accounts (walls/profiles) that you want to include as destinations for your Mention Campaign.

When all is set with your Mention Campaign, you may now proceed to set up the Twitter Mention Tool.

How to use the Mention tool?

To start using the tool, click on TOOLS from the left panel menu, click on a Twitter profile where you want to run the tool > then click Mention from tools column.

The Twitter Mention tool is divided into 3 tabs: Extract Members, Use members and Sent Mentions.

Extract Members tab

This is the first tab that you will see when you access the Mention tool.  Generally, the main purpose of this tab is to enable you to scrape users from supported extraction links.  As you will notice from the extraction box, you will see a list of sample valid extraction links.

To start extracting:

  1. Start with adding the extraction link in the designated box.
  2. Set the scroll time or the number of seconds that SU Social will scroll the page searching for users.  Note that the more scroll time you use, the more users will be extracted.
  3. 3. Click on Extract Users button
  4. 4. As soon as you initiate the extraction process, the link is added to the table right below the extraction box.  You can see the progress or the status of the extraction.

💡You may opt to stop all ongoing extractions by clicking ‘Stop Ongoing Extractions’ button should you decide to cancel the current action.

Use Members tab

The second tab is ‘Use Members’. All extracted users from the Extract Members tab are recorded here.

There are 2 sections: Members List and Mention Settings

1. Members List section – Selecting users

From here you can select the users you want to send a message to.

  • There is an option to export selected as well as import users.
  • You can also send the selected users to the Follow tool and it will be received in the Follow tool > Extracted Users tab where it will queue for execution.

2. Members List section – Action buttons

  • Next to each User in the Use Members table, you will find:
  • Delete button – click to delete that user from the list.
  • Browse button – you can click it to open the user profile in external browser
  • Browse Embedded button – when clicked, it will open the user profile in the embedded browser.
  • Copy button – click it to copy the URL of the user profile.

Mention Settings section:

  1. On this section of the Use Members tab is where you will create the message you want to send.
  • You can use spintax on your message to make each message unique.
  • There are supported tokens which you can use in your message and it will be replaced by the corresponding information.
  • If you want to add some personal vibe to your message, you can add some Emojis
  • You can attach an image to your message or post
  1. Mention Settings – options:
  • Remove selected users from the list once they are sent over to Send Messages tab.
  • Ignore users who already received a message
  • You can add a list of users that you don’t want to send messages to.
  1. Select the campaign that will receive the mentions (Mention Campaign) which you created earlier.
  2. Finally, you are ready to send it to the campaign, just click the Send To Campaign button.
  3. In this option, you can attach a photo to send with your message.

Sent Mentions tab

This is the Results tab where you will see the mentions that were sent to the campaign you’ve selected.

These are additional information you will find in the Results table:

  1. Name of the contacted user
  2. The message that was sent
  3. Name of the campaign that received the mention (all mentions will be added in the Posts List tab of the campaign)
  4. The date it was sent to the mention campaign
  5. Actions buttons:
  • Browse button – click it to open the user profile in external browser
  • Browse Embedded button – click it to open the user profile in the embedded browser.
  • Copy button – click it to copy the URL of the user profile.
  1. You can use the following option to delete mentions from the results table after x days.

Sending out Mentions

Now that you are done sending the mentions to your campaign, you can put the mass mention task into motion.

  • From the Mention Campaign, all sent mentions will be added to the Posts List tab where it will wait for publishing.
  • Make sure that you have selected the Destination List in the Where To Publish tab
  • Then configure the When To Publish tab
  • Start the campaign via the Campaign Overview tab


In short, SU Social is a useful tool for businesses that rely on mass mentioning on Twitter. Before using the tool, it is necessary to establish a Mention Campaign and a Destination List. The tool’s Twitter Mention feature is divided into three tabs: Extract Members, Use Members, and Sent Mentions. The tool allows users to extract users from supported extraction links, select users to send messages to, and create and send messages to a Mention Campaign. Finally, sent mentions will be added to the Posts List tab of the Mention Campaign, where they can be scheduled for publishing. SU Social can help streamline the process of mass mentioning on Twitter, saving businesses time and effort.

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