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The Tumblr Contact tool


Engaging with your audience can significantly improve your SU Social account’s performance. This can be achieved through several methods, such as commenting, liking, following back, and sending messages. However, manual messaging can be a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, SU Social provides the Contact tool, which allows for the automation of direct messages to specific users across multiple platforms, including Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. This tool saves time and effort, making it easier to engage with your audience and grow your following. Check out our Contact tool in-depth tutorials for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to learn more about utilizing the Contact tool and boosting your SU Social account.

How to access the Tumblr Contact tool?

To access the contact tool for your Tumblr account, you go to the TOOLS page by clicking on TOOLS from the left panel menu in SU Social user interface, then click on your account there.

Then click on the Contact Tab after that on the list of tools we have for Tumblr accounts.

The Tumblr contact tool consists of four sections: Extract Members, Auto Extract, Use Members, and Send Messages.

Extract Members

The extract members tab is the feature that you can use to extract users that you want to contact, by providing the link of the source that you want to target. The placeholder in the text field shows the list of URLs that we support for extraction.

  1. A text field where you need to add the link from which you want to extract the users to contact.
  2. EXTRACT USERS – Click this button to start the extraction.
  3. STOP ONGOING EXTRACTIONS – Useful when you want to stop an ongoing extraction.
  4. This option allows you to set the time for scrolling the search page. The longer it takes scrolling the more results it will get.
  5. A filter to skip Non-English names when extracting users.
  6. A Table that shows the extractions you started, the Table has a STATUS column which gets a done when the extraction is finished.
    #EXTRACTED – shows the number of users that were extracted.

    💡Note that the list of extracted users will be sent automatically to the Use Members Tab.

Auto Extract

Unlike the Extract Members Tab where you need to start the extraction manually, the Auto extract allows you to set the tool to extract from sources you added to it periodically.

It’s useful if you want to keep extracting users from the same sources and if you want to keep extracting new users from those sources.

The tool has the same logic as the Extract members feature, it extracts users from the sources you provided and it sends them automatically to the Use members Tab, but with some differences.

  1. You need to Switch the status of the tool to STARTED.
  2. You need to add the sources you want to extract from, one by line.
  3. You can either choose to run extraction daily at a specific hour or you can set the tool to run extraction each X-Y hours.
  4. You can also set the tool to execute between certain hours, and you can add intervals if you want the tool to operate at different hours of the day.

💡The results of the extractions will be listed in the results table just like we explained on the Extract Members Tab.

Use Members Tab

This is where SU Social will list all the users that you extracted with the Extract Members and Auto Extract features. And here you will be able to choose the users you want to select and also set the message that you want to send to those users.

The tab is divided into two sections:

1 – MEMBERS LIST Section

Here you will be able to see the list of users that the tool extracted and you will be able to select the users that you want to contact (which will be sent to the Send Messages – Pending messages list).

You can either check the box next to the users you want to contact as indicated above or you can use the option to SELECT ALL if you want to contact the entire list.


Here you can set the message that the tool will send to the users you selected to contact.

  1. A Text field where you can set your message text, try to use the Spin Syntax to avoid sending the same exact message to all users and you can also use and add Emojis.
  2. You can opt to remove the users you selected from the Members List after you send them to the Send Messages Tab.
  3. You can set the tool to automatically select and send messages to the new users that will be added to the members list.
  4. ADD TO SEND MESSAGES LIST – You must click on this button once you set up your message and once you select the users you want to contact.
    💡When clicked, you will get a pop-up indicating how many users will be sent to the Send Messages –> Pending Messages List.

Send Messages Tab

This is where you can set the run timers for your contact tool and configure how many messages to send per day and per hour.

The tab is divided into three sections:

 1 – SETTINGS Section

  1. STATUS – shows the status of the tool and you can use the switch button to switch it on and off, the tool needs to be STARTED to be able to send messages.
  2. The Wait between X-Y minutes before each new operation setting allows you to determine the amount of time between each new message that SU Social sends.
  3. Additionally, you can set the number of messages SU Social will send in each operation.
  4. Useful to control the maximum number of messages sent each day and hour, you can set the maximum number of messages you want to send.
  5. You can also select a random user from the list, with the default being the first name on the list to be processed.
  6. You can set the tool to delete messages from the list pending list that are older than X days.
  7. You can also delete pending messages older than a certain number of days and shorten all the URLs sent to users using the accounts configured in the Connectivity tab.
  8. 9 .You can also specify the hours and days of the week when the tool will send messages.
    10 . 💡The option to rotate days randomly selects the equivalent number of days you have initially selected, and you have the option to exclude weekends if you don’t want to run the tool on Saturdays and Sundays.


Here you will be able to see the pending messages in a table and you will also be able to see the message that will be sent to each user. If the pending message list goes empty, the tool will stop sending the messages as the tool only send messages that it finds on the pending list.

3 – Results Section

In this table, we display all those who have been contacted and received a message from your account.

💡In the Send Message tab, you’ll find the controls for the entire Contact tool. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if this tab is stopped (Status shows as Stopped), no messages that are scheduled on the Pending Send Message table will be sent. So, to ensure your messages are delivered, make sure to start the Contact Tool through the Send Message tab.


In conclusion, the SU Social Tumblr Contact Tool is a powerful feature that can save you time and effort when it comes to staying in touch with users and followers. However, it’s important to use it responsibly and to be aware of any limitations that may apply to your usage. By utilizing the tool alongside other features that SU Social offers, Like tool, Follow, and Unfollow tools, you can create a robust strategy for staying engaged with your network and maximizing your professional opportunities on Tumblr.

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