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The Tumblr Reblog tool


Developing a marketing strategy for your social media profiles can be a daunting task, with numerous questions to consider, decisions to make, and options to explore. However, the most crucial aspect of this challenge is determining the most effective approach to attract your desired audience and encourage them to follow you.

While following users within your niche and engaging with their content is a valuable method to gain visibility, it may not yield significant results if you fail to pique their interest in your offerings.

Here in this guide, we will introduce the SU Social Reblog tool for Tumblr accounts that can help you with your content and posts, it will only take a few minutes to set up then you can go full auto.

Settings Tab

To access the Reblog Settings tab, click on your account on the TOOLS page, then click on Reblog from the list of tools we have for Tumblr accounts.

  1. Reblog X times – Allows you to set how many times you want the tool to reblog per day and it allows you also to set the hours of the day in which the tool will operate.
  2. Timers – allows you to set specific timers to specify when to execute the reblog actions.
  3. Randomize publishing timers each day – allows you to randomize the timers each day.
  4. Reblog comment – comment after reblog, text box where you can add your comment.
  5. Set the percentage for your comments after reblog actions, if you want to add comments after all reblog actions, set the percentage to 100%.

Reblog Sources

Here we have the source that you can use to find posts and you can reblog from keyword search result pages.

You can add multiple sources/keywords separated by a comma, the tool will use a random one from the list on each operation.

💡 You can delete all sources at once by clicking the CLEAR ALL SOURCES button.

Results Tab

here you will find all the posts executed added to the results table that will contain some useful data like:

  • Date – When the Reblog took place.
  • Keyword – Source that was used for to reblog that post
  • Link – The URL of the post.

(screenshot for the results tab)


In conclusion, if you’re looking to enhance your social media presence on Tumblr and attract a broader audience, the SU Social Reblog tool is an excellent resource to consider. While creating a marketing strategy for your social profiles can be challenging, utilizing tools like Reblog can help simplify the process and drive engagement. The Reblog tool can help you establish a strong presence on Tumblr and build a loyal following. So why wait? Try out the Reblog tool today and take your Tumblr account to new heights!



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