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The Tumblr Like tool


By demonstrating gratitude and acknowledging the efforts of others, they are more likely to reciprocate the gesture. This is based on the principle of “what goes around comes around,” and it can easily be applied to your SU Social accounts through liking other people’s posts.

Furthermore, targeting your niche audience through this method will not only draw attention to your profile, but also serve as a marketing strategy to promote your brand. Ultimately, implementing this technique can supercharge your accounts and increase engagement, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome.

How to access the Like tool?

To access the like tool you just need to go to the TOOLS view and click on your Tumblr account there, then click on the Like Tool from the list of tools we have for Tumblr accounts.

The Settings Tab

To be able to use the Like tool, you must add the sources that the tool will use to search for the posts to like and you can use the Settings tab to configure the timing of execution and also to apply some filters to only target relevant content.

1 – Run Timers Section:

  1. STATUS – This shows the status of the tool and you have The switch button that you can use to start/stop the Like tool.
  2. Wait Between X-Y minutes between each operation – This allows you to set a delay before starting the next Like operation.
  3. Like between X-Y posts on each operation – This allows you to set how many posts to like on each operation.
  4. You can check it to add random sleep time after X-Y operations.
  5. The Execute between HH:MM and HH:MM option allows you to set a specific time frame for the like tool to carry out the like actions.
  6. The Days of the week when to operate option lets you choose the specific days of the week for the tool to like posts.
  7. With the option “Rotate Days”, the days you selected for the like tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week. For instance, if you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the tool will choose a new set of three days for the next week. Additionally, you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you don’t want to like any posts during those days.

2 – Like Limits Section:

  • Allows you to set a daily/hourly limit for the tool, additionally, you have an option that can allow you to set the daily/hourly limits to increase daily by x-y value until reaches a your daily/hourly target.
  • keep a maximum of X likes – Allows you to keep a maximum limit of likes, when set and when the option is enabled, the tool will start unliking old posts when the max limit is exceeded.

Sources Tab

For the Tumblr accounts, we only support one Like source, which is the source “Like Posts By keyword Search”

You can add multiple keywords as a source and you can add them separated by a comma, the tool then will pick one of them on each operation to be used to search for posts to like.

Results Tab

Here in the Results tab, you will be able to see the posts you liked recorded in the results table that contains information about each action like the source used and the date when the like was made.

The results table will show some useful data about the actions made like:

  • Date – Shows when the action was made.
  • Repins – how many repins the post got
  • Keyword – shows the source keyword that was used to find the post.


In conclusion, SU Social offers you the Like tool beside the Follow and Unfollow tools that can be used to help you manage your Tumblr accounts,  By using the tool to automatically like photos from various sources, you increase the visibility of your account and may attract the attention of people in your niche. If you combine this approach with exceptional content and with the Follow and Unfollow startegy, you have a good chance of gaining more followers and establishing a strong presence on Instagram.

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