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The Tumblr Follow tool


By using the Tumblr Follow tool, you have the ability to automatically follow people on Tumblr based on keyword searches or follow users from a provided list. This feature proves beneficial when seeking to expand your reach within your niche, engage with a wider audience, and discover potential business prospects. By following users who share similar interests, you can increase the visibility of your account, particularly if you post high-quality content.

How to access the Follow tool?

You just need to click on your account on the TOOLS page, then you should be redirected to the Follow tool Settings tab by default.

The Follow tool consists of four tabs, Settings, Follow Sources, Extracted Users, and Results.

Settings Tab

The settings tab is where you can set up how the tool behaves, and how many users it follows per operation, hour, and day and it allows you to control the actions of your account.

1 – RUN TIMERS Section:

  1. STATUS – This shows the status of the tool and you have The switch button that you can use to start/stop the tool.
  2. Wait Between X-Y minutes between each operation – This allows you to set a delay before starting the next follow operation.
  3. Follow between X-Y bloggers on each operation – This allows you to set how many users to follow on each operation.
  4. The Execute between HH:MM and HH:MM option allows you to set a specific time frame for the tool to carry out the follow actions.
  5. You can check it to add random sleep time after X-Y operations.
  6. The Days of the week when to operate option lets you choose the specific days of the week for the tool to make the follow actions.
  7. With the option “Rotate Days”, the days you selected for the Follow tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week. For instance, if you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the tool will choose a new set of three days for the next week. Additionally, you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you don’t want to follow users during those days.

2 – FOLLOW LIMITS Section:

  • Follow x-y per day – This allows you to set a daily limit for the Follow tool, when reached, the tool will stop automatically following until the next day, additionally, it allows you to set the daily limit to increase daily until it reaches your daily target, and this may be useful for users that want to warm up their accounts.
  • Follow x-y per hour – This option allows you to set an hourly limit, it works the same as the daily limit.
  • This option allows you to set Su Social to switch between the Follow and Unfollow tools based on some conditions. You need to check the option in both tools, then you start only one of them and Su Social will keep switching between the tool when needed according to your conditions on the option.
  • The last option allows setting the scroll time in seconds when scrolling the results page.


  • Check the option if you want to use “Recent” items search on Tumblr.
  • Check this option if you want to follow users from the extracted list randomly instead of following them in order.

Follow Sources Tab

In order for the tool to start and be functional, you need to add at least one source for it to be able to work. The SU Social Follow tool for Tumblr accounts, support two source options:

1 – Keyword search

Where you can search for people by a keyword, you can add multiple keywords and you can separate them by a comma.

2 – Follow users from a provided list

Here you can add your list of URLs for users that you want to follow, one per line, then click on Add to Extracted Users Button.

The users then will be added to the Extracted Users Tab.

💡 You also have a button CLEAR ALL SOURCES that can allow you to delete all sources you added at once.

Extracted Users Tab

The Follow tool uses the extracted users table as an intermediary list, it extracts users from the sources you add, then it adds them here.

💡You have a couple of action buttons that can facilitate certain tasks that you might want to take on the list you have.

  • DELETE ALL – If you want to delete all the users from the table at once.
  • EXPORT ALL – If you want to export the list to a csv file.
  • IMPORT – This option allows you to import users directly yo the Extracted Users Tab. You will need to use the correct format file. Click on EXPORT ALL to get the file that you need to use for import operations.

Results Tab

The results tab will contain a table with all users that your account followed, showing when they got followed and from which source they got followed.

  • Keyword: indicates the source that was used in the search for the followed user.
  • Followed Back: displays “Yes” if the user followed you back, otherwise “No”.
  • Unfollowed: shows “Yes” or “No” to indicate whether the user has been unfollowed after running the Unfollow tool on the account.💡 If the user was unfollowed outside Su Social, you can also update the “was unfollowed” flag via “MORE ACTIONS…” to see “Yes” in Was Unfollowed column.


In conclusion, the SU Social Follow tool can be an effective way to expand your reach on Tumblr and interact with potential followers. With the help of SU Social, you can find people who share your interests and engage with them and drag more attention to your account.


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