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The Youtube Watch Videos Tool


Every YouTuber’s objective is to garner a substantial number of views on their videos, as this validates its popularity and the number of times it has been watched on unique IPs.

Achieving a reasonable view count leads to an increase in the video’s ranking on YouTube, subsequently resulting in more traffic. However, given the intense competition, being creative and entertaining alone is insufficient to boost one’s ranking; resourcefulness is necessary to give your work a boost. Creating multiple YouTube accounts to interact with your main account and utilizing the Su Social Watch Video tool on these accounts can be a good starting point.

How to access the Watch Videos Tool?

To access the tool, just click on your account on the TOOLS view then click on the Watch Videos tool from the list of tools you have on the account.

The tool contains four tabs, Settings, Sources, Extracted Videos, and Results Tabs.

Settings Tab

The settings tab is the tab where you can configure your watch videos settings by setting the run timers and the daily limits. It has three sections which will be discovered in this section.

The Run Timers Section:

  1. STATUS – It shows the status of the account and you have The switch button that you can use to start/stop the tool.
  2. Wait Between X-Y seconds between each operation – This allows you to set a delay before starting the next watch videos operation in seconds.
  3. Watch  X-Y videos Per day – This allows you to set a daily limit. Additionally, you have the option to increase the daily limit by A-B value until a Max limit is reached.
  4. Watch  X-Y videos Per hour – This allows you to set a hourly limit. Additionally, you have the option to increase the hourly limit by A-B value until a Max limit is reached.
  5. The Execute between HH:MM and HH:MM option allows you to set a specific time frame for the tool to watch the videos.
  6. The Days of the week when to operate option lets you choose the specific days of the week for the tool to watch videos.
  7. With the option “Rotate Days”, the days you selected for the watch videos tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week. For instance, if you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the tool will choose a new set of three days for the next week. Additionally, you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you don’t want to watch videos during those days.

The Settings Section:

This section allows you to configure how long you want the account to watch the videos.

  1. Set the percentage of the video duration to view with a max limit of seconds. If the percentage set is too long, the max limit in seconds will be applied.
  2. Set a specific time interval to watch.
  3. Watch live videos from x-y seconds
  4. This option allows you to clear cookies before each operation. Useful when rotating proxies on the account, and when enabled it will ensure that each view is unique.

The After view actions Section:

This section is useful when you want to interact with the videos you watch.

  1. Allows you to like the video after watching it.
  2. Allows you to put comments on the videos you watch.

Sources tab

The Sources tab is the tab where you add the sources that will be used by the tool to find the videos you want to view.

Keywords search source:

This source is useful if you want to search for videos to watch based on keywords, you can add multiple keywords to pick from separated by a comma (example: art, fashion).

You can also use the filters that can be applied on the search, such as the Upload Date, Duration, Type and Sort by.

View Specific videos source:

This source is useful when you have a list of specific videos you want to watch, you can add then video URLs one per line, then click on ADD TO EXTRACTED VIDEOS button and they should be added to the Extracted Videos Tab to be viewed once the tool starts.

Watch videos from users/channels source:

  • This source option allows you to add URLs of users/channels if you want to set up your accounts to watch their videos. You can add check the format of URLs supported on the placeholder text in the source box.
  • Once you add the list of links (one per line) click on the ADD TO USERS/CHANNELS LIST button and they should be added to the table of links.
  • You check the option to remove the links after x-y views from the list
  • Once you add the links you can set the scroll time in seconds to set for how long the tool will scroll on the users link, the more you scroll the more videos will be picked.
  • At the bottom of the tab, you have a button to clear all sources.

Extracted Videos tab

On this page, you will find a list of videos obtained from the sources that you have specified. You can choose to remove the link after a specified number of views (X-Y), and you can access the link by clicking on the “Browse” option. Furthermore, you have the option to either copy or delete the link from the list.

Results tab

In this tab, you will be able to see all the videos that the account viewed.

  • the results table will display the video URLs that have been watched.
  • It will show the date when it was watched.
  • It will also have some options next to each record, delete, browse (open from an external browser), browse embedded (open in Su Social’s embedded browser), or copy the URL.
  • Export All allows you to get copy of the results as a CSV file.


In conclusion, utilizing a watch videos tool such as the Su Social watch videos tool can be a valuable resource for any YouTuber seeking to increase their views and traffic. By taking advantage of the options outlined in this guide, along with the other tools we have for Youtube accounts like Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comment , and Repy to comments,  you can effectively use this tool to optimize your videos’ performance on the platform.

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