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The Campaigns View Tab


The Campaigns View is a section in SU Social where users can view and manage their existing campaigns. It is accessible by clicking on Publisher > Campaigns in the left panel menu and displays campaigns regardless of their status (ACTIVE, INACTIVE, STOPPED).

Campaign Sections

The Campaigns View will be divided into these three parts:

Adding, filtering, sorting, and grouping campaigns

Add Campaign Button

You must first click the ADD PUBLISHING CAMPAIGN button in order to begin creating a campaign. The Add New Campaign window will open after you click this, allowing you to choose the campaign type you want to create.

You will initially have two options on the pop-up: a Standard campaign or a Scheduled campaign. Additionally, you can check the box next to Show advanced campaign options to make the Volume campaign, the third campaign option, visible.

Filter box

This option allows you to find a campaign quickly. Simply type the campaign’s keyword name.

The following logical operators can be used to filter the campaigns:

  • AND: Symbol used &&
  • OR: Symbol used ||
  • NOT: Symbol used !

Group by Tag

The option to Group by Tag will categorize your campaigns according to the tag/s you assigned to it and the type of campaign (if you did not assign any specific tags). See the difference below when having it enabled.

Filter by Tag

Only the campaigns containing the selected tag will be displayed on the Campaigns View page when the Filter by Tag option is used. Simply choose the tag from the dropdown box to use this option. This will be useful if you want to concentrate only on particular campaigns.

Campaign Actions

All of the campaigns you’ve created in SU Social are displayed here.

You will see information about the campaign like:

  • Campaign status (Stopped, Active, Inactive)
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign type
  • The number of destinations assigned to that campaign
  • The number of Posts (Pending, Published, and Drafts)
  • Number of posts that have been published so far today
  • Campaign errors count
  • Campaign action buttons to start/stop, detail, clone, delete and add all posts again.
  • Campaign tags
  • Campaign creation date and time, as well as the campaign start and end dates (if any)
  • The number of the campaign (by default, the numbering is arranged according to the date of creation)
  • The last post published date for the campaign
  • Use the USE AS TEMPLATE option when you want to use a certain campaign’s settings for newly created campaigns.

Bulk Actions 

You can access the bulk actions you can use on your campaigns at the bottom of the Campaigns View page.

  • To make changes to the Campaigns View page, click the MANAGE COLUMNS button. You can specify the width for each enabled column as well as the columns you want to appear on the page.

  • When you want to take additional actions for a number of the campaigns you checked the boxes next to, you can click this on ACTIONS ON SELECTED CAMPAIGNS to bring up a pop-up window with those additional actions


With the Campaigns View, users can easily filter, sort, group, and perform actions on their campaigns. Additionally, the bulk actions feature allows for the efficient management of multiple campaigns at once. Overall, the Campaigns View provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for managing social media campaigns.

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