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How to Publish A Video To Facebook Reels Using SuSocial


Welcome to the SuSocial guide for posting to Facebook Reels! In just a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to create and share captivating Reels using SuSocial. Whether you’re a business looking to engage customers or an individual sharing your creativity, SuSocial makes it easy. Let’s get started and make your content shine on Facebook Reels!

How To Publish to Facebook Reels

1 – Creating A Campaign

To start posting Facebook Reels with SuSocial, begin by setting up a campaign. Open the SuSocial app, go to CAMPAIGNS, tap ADD PUBLISHING CAMPAIGN, and choose ADD STANDARD CAMPAIGN.

2 – Adding Posts

Now, let’s add the exciting content you want to share. Go to your campaign, click on What To Publish, and choose ADD POSTS. You can upload a video and create a catchy caption. When you’re done, click ADD TO POSTS LIST.

Besides these choices, you can also discover other ways to add video posts in bulk, like using the Monitor Folder feature.

3 – Where To Post The Reel

To select the account and Page you want to use for posting your Reel, please go to your campaign and click on the “Where To Publish” tab. Look at the screenshot below to pick the account and Page you prefer:

4 – Schedule The Reels

To schedule the publication time for your Reels post, access the When To Publish tab within the tool.

5 – Start the Campaign

To start your campaign, go to the Overview tab and just turn it on with the toggle button.


In this SuSocial guide, we’ve taken you through the seamless process of sharing captivating content on Facebook Reels. With just a few easy steps, SuSocial empowers both businesses seeking customer engagement and individuals showcasing their creativity. By following our simple instructions, you can make your content shine on Facebook Reels and stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re aiming to boost your online presence or share your passion, SuSocial provides you with the tools to make it happen effortlessly. So, dive in, create stunning Reels, and watch your audience grow as you make your mark on this exciting platform.

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