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Setting Up SuSocial To Monitor A Folder


Su Social has the ability to automatically pick up new posts from a folder, eliminating the need for you to manually create new posts within the platform. Simply create your content and drop it into a folder. The process is straightforward to set up, so let’s see how it’s done.

You have the option of utilizing a standard folder on your PC or a Dropbox folder. If you decide to add more photos in the coming days, Su Social will automatically add the existing ones as well as any new ones to your campaign.

How can I add the folder?

1. Go to your desired campaign’s What to Publish tab.

2. Navigate to the Monitor Folders sub-tab.

3. Click on the BROWSE button and select the folder you wish to add posts from

4. Utilize the TOKENS provided below the text box to create your post template. Later in this course, we’ll go over how TOKENS functions.

5. Use the Source Url Template to link your pin to your website if posting to Pinterest. Similarly, they will be forwarded to your website when they click on your link.

6. Once your post template is complete, you can click the ADD FOLDER button to add the folder path to the table shown in the screenshot below. You can use the options beside the  ACTIONS column to be more specific about the extraction.

What’s left to do to get Su Social to begin extracting from your folder is to click START under the ACTIONS column.

Using a Dropbox folder instead of a Local (PC) folder

If you are storing your photos and images in Dropbox, you may configure Su Social to get the items from there as well.

Go to https://www.dropbox.com/desktop and install the Dropbox app on your PC and login with your Dropbox credentials.

On the campaign’s Monitor Folders tab, click on BROWSE and select Dropbox or the specific Dropbox folder and click OK then ADD FOLDER.

They will appear on the index below just like when adding a local folder.

Hold on, what about “We’ll discuss how TOKENS functions later in this course..”?

Using tokens

The two most common tokens used in the Monitor Folders tab:

[FILENAME] – will be changed with the filename of the image or video extracted

[FOLDERNAME] – will be changed with the name of the folder containing the image or video

Image and video metadata

Before using metadata tokens, you must configure them respectively on the image/video properties.

  1. Right-click on the image then click on Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Details tab and then click on the detail value you wish to change or edit and a box will appear where you can type your customized info (see screenshot below).
  3. When you are finished editing your photos, place them in your folder and, as we discussed at the beginning of this tutorial, import the folder into Su Social using the BROWSE button on the Monitor Folders tab. Then, add the metadata tokens you want to use to your template, click the ADD FOLDER button, and Su Social will handle the rest. Remember to click START as we previously explained.

Tokens at work

If, for instance, you used the tokens [META_TITLE], [META_COMMENTS], and  [META_SUBJECT] to edit the metadata of one of your images, Su Social will replace it with the title value you specified in the image file.

After the images are extracted, this is how they will appear in the Posts List tab:

Creating a post with multiple images

All you need to do is place the photos inside the folder you want to import using the BROWSE button as a subfolder inside the folder containing the original images you want to use for that post.

The post’s text will come from the image named ‘primary’. If none, Su Social will use the metadata of the first (alphabetically sorted) file on the sub-folder to extract the text for your post.

To specify the order of the images in the post, name them 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., and put the metadata info on image 1.

Make sure as well the following box is checked:


Su Social simplifies the process of adding new posts to your campaigns by automatically detecting and uploading content from a designated folder. With a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and various tokens to personalize posts, Su Social streamlines your social media management and saves time, making it an efficient tool for managing your online presence.

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