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The Facebook Remove Non Interactive Friends Tool


During the start of the Facebook era, a lot of users just kept on adding users—even strangers—to boast their friends list. Some of those users may no longer be active or some profiles are not used and users then go on an unfriending spree but let’s face it, unfriending a lot of users is sure a lot of work to do and Su Social can help make that easier for you.

Removing non-interactive Facebook friends allows you to declutter your friends list and focus on meaningful connections. By eliminating non-interactive friends, you can create a more authentic and engaging online social network. It also helps protect your privacy and ensures that your personal information is only shared with trusted individuals.

Navigating the Remove Non Interactive Friends tool

You can access the tool from the TOOLS page, select the Facebook account you want to work on, and navigate to the Remove Non Interactive Friends tool.

The tool only has two tabs: Settings and Results.


The Run Timers and Settings sections can be found in the Settings tab.

Run Timers

  1. Wait between X and Y seconds before each new operation – allows you to set up a time frame before the tool starts a new operation.
  2. Wait between X and Y seconds before each new Wall extraction operation – specify the interval on how often the tool performs a wall extraction operation to see who among your friends is non-interactive.
  3. Remove between X and Y non interactive friends for each operation – this is where you specify the number of users to be unfriended for every operation. 
  4. Execute between HH: MM and HH: MM – allows you to control the time when the tool will execute actions. You can adjust this setting and also add more intervals or even randomize the timers daily.
  5. Days of the week when to operate – you can choose the days that the tool will perform the actions.

    💡The days you chose for the Follow tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week by choosing the Rotate Days option. For instance, the tool will select a different set of three days for the following week if you choose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you don’t want to follow users on weekends, you can also choose to exclude them from the rotation.


  1. It will show how many friends you have on this account. You may click on UPDATE FRIENDS to get the latest count.
    💡 Make sure that you have enabled syncing friends on your account’s Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization section and that the option to disable sync is unchecked.
  2. Specify here how many non-interactive friends will be removed per day. This is the maximum limit of the tool.
  3. Set here how many days no interactions should pass before the user will be unfriended.
  4. This is where you indicate how long will the scrolling on the FB wall take to extract interactions.
  5. This is the whitelist where you can select friends who will never be unfriended. Any users without the checkmark beside their names will be subject to unfriending if they are non-interactive for the duration you set on number 3.

At the bottom of the tool, there’s a quick tally of how many friends have been removed by the tool. You may see who are these specific users on the Results tab.


Similar to the other tools, the Results tab is straightforward. It contains the date the user was unfriended, the name of the user, and action links to DELETE, BROWSE (open on your default browser), BROWSE EMBEDDED, or COPY the profile URL.

What about the FB Unfriend tool?

Both tools are similar in a way that they unfriend users but this tool specifically targets those non-interactive users whereas the Facebook Unfriend tool lets you manually select instead who among the users in your friend list should be removed.


Removing non-interactive Facebook friends offers multiple benefits, including a streamlined friends list and a more genuine online social experience. It allows you to prioritize meaningful connections, safeguard your privacy, and maintain a more focused and interactive online presence. By regularly assessing and removing non-engaging friends, you can cultivate a more valuable and authentic network on Facebook.

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