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The Facebook Comment & Like Tool


SU Social is a social media management tool that offers a Comment&Like tool specifically designed for Facebook. The tool is divided into four tabs: Settings, Comments/Likes, Sources, and Results.

Settings tab

This is where you mainly control how the tool functions and it has 4 Sections: Run Timers, Comment/Like Limits, Comment/Like Settings, and Add Comment or Like Action.

Run Timers

The Run timers section features timers that can be utilized to establish the frequency and specific time at which the tool should operate, as well as the days on which the tool should function.

  1. Wait between X and Y minutes before each new operation – you can determine how many minutes SU Social will wait before it starts a new operation. One operation for the Comment&Like tool represents one like or one comment.
  2. Execute Between X and Y hours – will allow you to set up the exact in-between time when the tool will operate.
  3. Add Interval – will allow you to add time intervals as well as randomize intervals daily
  4. Add Random sleep time – this will allow you to add random sleep time, and specify x and y minutes to sleep after executing x to y comments or likes.
  5. Days of the week when to operate – lets you choose days when the tool will work. You can simply include or exclude days by checking/unchecking them.  You can also opt to Rotate Days.

📌 On alternating days, SU Social will choose an equal number of days as originally selected by you; the selection is made randomly, and you can exclude weekends from the rotation if you prefer not to comment and like on Saturdays and Sundays.

Comment&Like Limits

In this section, you can set some limitations for the tool to avoid commenting and liking too much.

As you can see in the screenshot above, we have:

  1. Comment/Like a maximum of X and Y per day option and per hour – you will use it in order to set how many posts should be liked or commented on. Next to it, you have the option “Increase each day/hour by X until it reaches Y Comment/Like per day/hour”.
    Example: If you set the tool max to be 10–20 and set “Increase each day by 5 until it reaches 50”, SU Social will increase X and Y each day for 5 until Y reaches 50.
  2. When executing a LIKE operation also like X comments from target posts – this option can be used to also like comments of other users on your target post in order to draw attention to your profile/page.
  3. Comment/Like on a maximum of X posts of individual source every X hours (0 – no limit) – commenting or liking posts based on the same source very often can be a disadvantage, you can get blocked.  Hence, to avoid this, you can use this option to determine how many times you will like posts or comment on posts of each target account/page that you have added in the Sources tab.

Comment/Like Settings

The Comment/Like Settings section has multiple useful options, so you can control which posts will receive a comment or like action.

  1. You can set how old the posts that you are going to like/comment on
  2.  In case you are posting an image as your comment, you can use the Unique Image Alteration Level to make images unique for Facebook’s algorithm. It can be set to Small, Medium, and Hard. We recommend setting this to Medium.
  3. SU Social can be used to like or comment on posts that contain specific keywords, thus, if you want to match keywords as a whole, you can check this option
  4. When you add sources (in the Sources tab) that will be used by the tool, SU Social will randomly choose a target account and source from the list in the Sources tab.  However, you can check this option so that it will go through the sources in order.
  5. You can select to like the source Page when the tool visits them when searching for posts
  6. In case you are posting a link in your comment, Facebook will display a link preview. To remove the preview from the comments, check the “Remove Link Preview” option.
  7. The Comment&Like tool may find your posts and try to like or comment on them. Should you wish to avoid this, just check “Skip own posts when searching for posts to comment/like”.
  8. If you are using links in your comments, it’s a good idea to shorten them so they look nicer, especially if the link is too long.
  9. Auto Like added comments will simply like your comment after posting it.
  10. In the Sources tab, you have the option to comment on posts by permalinks. By default, when SU Social posts comment on one of those posts, the permalink is removed from the sources.  Furthermore, you can check this option if you want to keep the permalinks in the sources.

Comments/Likes tab

After you set up the tool, you need to scroll down to this section and choose whether you want to comment on posts, like them, or both.

  1. To search for specific posts based on the sources you’re using, you need to add the keyword(s) that the posts must contain in the Keywords field
  2. Next, add your comment in the Comment text field. You can also use [KEYWORD] token (they are replaced with user information.) and you may also create your Custom Tokens by clicking Create Custom Tokens which will redirect you to the profile settings where you can enable ‘Custom Tokens’ and create your own.
  3. The Comment text field supports spinning syntax, and it’s highly recommended to use it to get different comments each time.
    • Check spin syntax will generate random comment sequences, and this is where you can see if you have correctly used the format.
    • Spin Text will open the Spin syntax editor, where you can also edit your spintax as well as view its statistics.
    • There are also a bunch of emojis you can choose from the Add Emoji button.
  4. Once you’ve added your comment, just click on COMMENT BY KEYWORD button
  5. If you want to like posts instead of commenting, just do step 1 and click on the LIKE BY KEYWORD button.
  6. There’s an option to use AI Content for the comment text. Just edit your prompt on the field that shows after ticking the box and make sure you have the Open AI API key supplied under Settings > Connectivity tab.
  7. If at first you just decided to Comment By Keyword, you have the option to also like the target post.

✅ If you want to catch all the latest posts from the source, then don’t add any keywords; just leave the field empty, and SU Social will make sure it likes and comments on all the latest posts.

The Sources tab

Like most tools,  you need to add sources in the Sources tab, which SU Social will use to find posts to like or comment on. There are 5 types of sources that you can use:

Comment/Like posts from Facebook Pages

This is used if you want to like or comment on posts from Facebook pages. Copy and paste the Facebook page URL to the text field in this source and click ADD. The good thing about this source is that you can use it to like or comment on your Facebook profile or page.

✅ To use the Facebook page for commenting, check Execute action as page in the table with the sources and choose the page that you would like to use to like/comment on that specific source. ✅ If you want to use the same Facebook page to like or comment on all pages in this source, then use the option Set page for all elements. Choose your Facebook page there and click on the SET PAGE button.

Comment/Like Posts from Facebook Groups

As you probably assume, this allows you to like or comment on posts made in specific groups. Make sure you use the Comment&Like tool of a Facebook profile that is a member of the group you are adding here (especially for private groups), otherwise, the profile won’t be able to like or post comments on group posts.  To add a group, just paste the group’s URL and click ADD.

Comment/Like Posts from Facebook Searches

This source can be used to comment on posts from search queries made on Facebook.

For example, you can open your Facebook profile in your external browser and search for the keyword slot, then click on POSTS. Copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into this source. SU Social will then like or post comments on posts that are displayed when searching for this keyword.

Comment/Like Posts from Facebook Walls

This is used to comment on or like posts on Facebook profiles or by your friends. Just add the profile’s URL here and click on the ADD button and SU Social will like posts or comments on that profile’s wall.

To easily add all your friends to this source, we added the ADD FRIENDS button and a check box to automatically add new friends. Simply click it and SU Social will add all your friends to this source.

Comment/Like from a list of Post permalinks

The last source is useful if you want to like or comment on some specific Facebook posts. Just head over to Facebook, go to that post, copy its URL, and paste it to this source.  Next, click ADD and you are ready to comment.

✅ By default, the permalink will be removed after liking once or posting one comment. If you want to keep the permalink in the list, then you can use the option we previously mentioned in the Comment & Like Settings tab (Do not remove URLs from Post permalinks source after they are used).

After setting up the Settings and Sources tab, you can go back to the Settings tab and start it. All commented posts will be sent to the RESULTS tab.

The Results tab

The Results tab contains all the likes and comments you have made through SU Social. From here, you can see the exact date and time when the like or comment operation was executed.

Also, you’ll see what keyword was used to search for the post that received the comment or like action.  If it’s a comment operation, you’ll see what text was posted.

Next to each comment or like in the Results table, you will find the following action buttons:

  • Delete – so you can easily delete that comment from the list in the Results tab.
  • Browse – click it to open liked/commented posts in an external browser
  • Browse Embedded – click it to open liked/commented posts in the embedded browser used by the account that made the comment
  • Copy – click it to copy the URL of the liked/commented post.

In case you want to delete all comments from the results tab or export them, you can use the DELETE ALL or EXPORT ALL buttons located right above the list.


The Comment&Like tool on SU Social offers a convenient and efficient way for users to engage with their Facebook audience. With the ability to set up timers, limits, and post requirements, users can easily control their commenting and liking actions and avoid being flagged by Facebook’s algorithm. By using SU Social‘s Comment&Like tool, users can increase their reach and engagement on Facebook, helping them to grow their online presence.

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