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All Facebook Friends Are Not Synced


There are users who have a lot of Facebook friends, and by a lot, we mean thousands of them. All of those friends definitely cannot be extracted in one sync operation and it sometimes leads to an error but Su Social has a workaround that can help the extraction process.

Enabling sync

If, by any chance, your friends are not syncing at all then you should make sure first that you have enabled syncing friends on your account’s Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization section and that the option to disable sync is unchecked.

Aside from that, please make sure that your Facebook account is using the English language so we can be sure that the tools and operations executed by Su Social will execute correctly.

Error encountered during friends sync

What happens on a sync operation is that it visits the friend list and starts scrolling down. But because the list is lengthy due to the number of users and it takes a long time to scroll to the bottom of it, Facebook starts detecting the automated action of scrolling repeatedly and they decide to either freeze the page or display the newer results on the bottom, very slowly and therefore the sync operation often ends up with a timeout error.

What’s the workaround?

The Augment Friend List Extraction feature was created for situations like yours where the account has thousands of friends to be synchronized. Please go to Social Profiles > check Show Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization section then make sure to put a check too on the ‘Augment Friend List Extraction’ option. Note that this option will only be available if you have put a check as well on the Friends sync option.

The Augment Friend List Extraction executes repeated smaller extractions on the friends list page. It will take some time until all contacts will be extracted, we are speaking of several days, but it is a better process and this will get more users added to the Friends tab gradually as opposed to continuously getting a timeout error.

In addition to that, you may set the sync to execute on the mobile version of the website (as more names are listed on the mobile version).


For Facebook users with a large number of friends, syncing all friends at once can lead to errors due to the lengthy list. Su Socia; features a workaround called Augment Friend List Extraction, which performs repeated smaller extractions over several days to gradually add more users to the Friends tab. Enabling this option in the Advanced Profile Settings and selecting the Friends sync option will help overcome the timeout error.

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