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Unjoining specific groups on Facebook


Unjoining Facebook groups can be important for several reasons. It helps protect your privacy, declutters your feed, and allows you to focus on more relevant content. It also helps manage your time, preserves your emotional well-being, and reduces exposure to spam or toxic discussions. Additionally, leaving groups encourages real-world connections and promotes a more positive online experience.

Over the course of your Facebook account’s tenure, you may have joined a number of groups already, and unjoining them individually is a lot of work. That’s where Su Social steps in to make this task easy-peasy.

Using the Unjoiner tool

If you’re already familiar with the Facebook tools that Su Social offers, you would know that we will use the Unjoiner tool. For first-time usage, the Unjoiner tool will be blank and there aren’t specified groups to be unjoined yet.

To check out the account’s joined groups, you may click on the indicated action button on the image below and it will route you to Social Profiles > Groups tab for the account.

Selecting groups to be Unjoined

There are several ways to let the tool know which groups should be unjoined:

  1. Clicking the SEND TO UNJOINER action button for each group (highlighted in yellow)
  2. Marking the groups via the tickboxes and then clicking on EXECUTE ACTIONS ON SELECTED ITEMS and choosing SEND SELECTED TO UNJOINER (boxed in red).
  3. You may also simply indicate the tagname/s of the group/s on the Unjoiner tool (this will only work if you also have the specified tagname/s on the Groups list).

After the groups have been selected, they will be listed on the Unjoiner tool’s WAITING FOR AN UNJOIN REQUEST list. You can then switch the tool ON and it will unjoin the groups one at a time.  Those groups successfully unjoined will be listed on the list of the same name.

You may open the browser while the unjoin operation is ongoing but do not interrupt the actions on the browser. You will see then that it leaves the groups as you instructed.


Unjoining Facebook groups offer numerous benefits such as safeguarding one’s privacy, managing time effectively, and maintaining emotional well-being. It enables you to curate content, avoid spam, and foster real-world connections. By evaluating and leaving groups that no longer serve your interests, you can create a more meaningful and positive online experience.

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