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The Facebook Unfriend Tool


Facebook has been the most successful social platform of all time, despite not being the first of its kind. It has managed to thrive over the years for several reasons.

Before it became a marketing hub, people used Facebook to reconnect with individuals who had been part of their lives. There was a feeling of joy in piecing together past relationships. However, Facebook soon became inundated with irrelevant and distasteful content on users’ feeds, leading many to want to disconnect.

To redefine your account, it may be time to trim down your friends’ list. You can choose to keep only those individuals who embody the truest sense of friendship.

How to use the SU Social Unfriend tool?

To utilize the tool, simply navigate to the Tools tab, select the desired Facebook account, and click on the Unfriend option.

The Unfriend tool includes two distinct tabs: Settings and Results.

Settings tab

The Settings tab is divided into three sections

  • Run Timers
  • Unfriend Settings
  • Select Friends section

Run Timers section:

  1. Set the X-Y seconds that the tool will wait before starting a new operation
  2. Specify the number of people that you want to unfriend for each operation
  3. Set the hours when the tool will perform the actions
  4. Choose the days when you want to run the Unfriend tool.

đź’ˇ When using SU Social, you have the option to select specific days or rotate the days on which the tool runs. If you choose to rotate days, SU Social will randomly select the same number of days as you initially selected. Additionally, you can exclude weekends from the rotation if you prefer not to run the tool on Saturdays and Sundays.

Unfriend Settings section:

The section is self-explanatory, as it allows you to establish the maximum number of individuals you wish to unfriend each day, or set it to 0 for an unlimited number. You will also see the total number of friends associated with the account. If you feel that the displayed figure is incorrect, you can update the list by selecting “Update Friends.”

Select Friends section:

In this section, you can select individuals to unfriend by checking the appropriate box. You have the option to select all or none to reset the selection.

✅ There are other useful buttons included in this section for added convenience:

  • Search with ease by using the Filter option
  • Do a Force Friends Update to sync your friends’ list
  • Export/Import options
  • If you have multiple accounts that have the same friends and want to unfriend them, you can add the same tagname on the concerned accounts and click Select all that are friends of other accounts with the same tag
  • Narrow the list with Select non-English Names; non-English refers to letters that are not included in the English alphabet

Results tab

Once you have unfriended someone, the action will be recorded in the Results tab, which allows you to track individuals you have removed from your friends list.

The Results tab displays the following information for each unfriended person:

  • Date: indicates the date and time when the tool executed the unfriend action on that individual.
  • Name: refers to the person who was unfriended.
  • Link: offers various options such as deleting the result from the list, opening the user’s profile in the browser or embedded browser, and copying the user’s profile URL.


In conclusion, Facebook has become the most successful social media platform, connecting people from all over the world. However, with the increasing amount of irrelevant and distasteful content on our feeds, it may be time to redefine our accounts by trimming down our friends’ list. The SU Social Unfriend tool provides a convenient way to accomplish this task, with its user-friendly interface and various settings that allow you to customize the unfriending process. The tool’s Settings tab lets you specify when and how often you want the tool to run, how many people you want to unfriend per day, and which friends to unfriend. The Results tab records the unfriended individuals and their details, making it easy to keep track of your progress. With the SU Social Unfriend tool, you can streamline your Facebook experience and maintain a curated list of friends who truly matter to you.

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