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The Facebook Birthday Tool


Expanding your Facebook presence involves more than simply adding friends, joining groups, and inviting them to your pages. Active engagement with your network is crucial. A thoughtful and sweet way to stay connected is by sending birthday greetings to your contacts. Remembering to do so will help you maintain meaningful relationships on the platform.

Sending birthday wishes to each of your friends manually can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have to keep track of it every day. Fortunately, you can rely on SU Social’s Facebook Birthday Tool to handle this special task for you. With this tool, you can streamline the process and ensure that you never miss a friend’s birthday..

How to automate your birthday greeting?

To utilize this useful tool, navigate to Tools and select your Facebook account. Next, choose the Birthday option from the list of tools. The Facebook Birthday tool is composed of two tabs: Settings and Results..

Settings tab

You will see three sections on the Settings tab:

  • Run timers
  • Birthday textbox
  • List of your current Facebook friends.

Run Timers section:

You have the option to configure the tool’s execution schedule. Simply indicate the specific hours X-Y and the days when you want the tool to send out your birthday wishes. While there is a feature to rotate the days, it may not be necessary to use it since you are sending out birthday greetings.

Birthday Text Section:

This is where you can add the message you want to send to your friends.  You can do a spintax, add an emojis and use the supported tokens: [FULLNAME], [FIRSTNAME] and [LASTNAME].

💡 How to create unique messages?

➡ Manually with the use of the spintax symbols ‘ { , } and | ‘

  • { is used to open the spintax
  • } is for closing the spinax
  • | used to separate the variations

Example: {Happy Birthday! | Cheers on your Birthday 🙂 | Many Happy Returns of the Day 😀 | ..and so on}

➡ Aside from text variations, you can throw in some Emojis to make it more interesting.

➡ Use one of the tokens that will allow you to add that friend’s full name, first name or last name automatically to the greeting message

➡ When you are done with your spintax, you can click the ‘Check spintax button’ and it will generate a random result from your spintax to make sure that your message makes sense.

Selecting Your Friends section:

From this area of the Settings tab, you will see your friends list. Simply select the friends that will receive the birthday greetings by ticking the checkbox or you can opt SELECT ALL so nobody gets left out.

✅ As you can see, there are several action links available for your convenience:

  1. The filter box enables you to easily find your friend from the list, instead of scrolling through all the names
  2. You can use the ‘Select’ options rather than executing the action one by one.
  • Select All – will check all the names
  • Select None – it will uncheck all the names
  • Select non-English names – this will select only non-English names
  • Select All That Are Friends Of Other Accounts With the Same Tag – this will allow you to select friends of other Facebook accounts you’ve added to SU Social that shares the same account tag
  1. The Friends list of the account gets updated during account synchronization, but if you want to update it immediately, you can click on the Force Friends Update button.
  2. Import – you can import a list of FB friends by using a CSV file
  3. Export – click this if you want to generate a copy of your Friends list; the file includes the name and profile URL

💡 More options:

Copy Settings (Located at the top portion near the name of the account) – you can use this option if you want to duplicate the settings you’ve configured for the Birthday tool to your other Facebook accounts.

Results tab

Every action performed by the tool will be documented in the Results tab, which includes the date the action was executed, the message that was sent, and the name of the friend who received the message.

💡 In addition, you will see other action links such as:

  • Delete All – if you want to clear the recorded results from the Results tab
  • Export All – you can use this option if you want to Export results into the CSV file if you want to have a copy
  • Delete button – use this if you want to remove a specific user from the results
  • Browse – click this to open the account on an external browser
  • Browse Embedded – this will open the account via its embedded browser
  • Copy – if you want to copy the profile link, you can click on this action link.


In conclusion, building a strong presence on Facebook requires more than just adding friends, joining groups, and promoting your pages. It’s important to actively engage with your friends and followers, and one of the most thoughtful ways to do so is by sending personalized birthday greetings. However, manually keeping track of your friends’ birthdays can be time-consuming, which is why SU Social’s Facebook Birthday Tool is a useful automation option. By accessing the Settings tab, you can set the timers, birthday message, and select friends you want to receive your greetings. The Results tab records all the executed actions, providing a convenient way to keep track of who received your messages. With the help of SU Social’s Facebook Birthday Tool, you can stay connected with your Facebook friends and maintain meaningful relationships, without having to spend valuable time and effort.

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