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The Youtube Repost tool


As a response to having automatically created content for YouTube accounts, we have developed the YouTube Reposts tool for SU Social. Reposting YouTube videos can be an effective strategy that facilitates the discovery of new content, encourages creator collaboration, and helps curate themed playlists and channels. This helps viewers and content creators alike, provided it is done responsibly and gives credit where credit is due.

Note that this tool does not automatically repost the videos. This will collect the videos and send them to a campaign for later publishing.

Accessing the YouTube Repost tool

From the TOOLS page, select your desired YouTube account and click on the Repost tool from the left sidebar. The tool has three subtabs: Settings, Sources, and Results.


Run Timers

  1. Specify the interval between each Repost operation.
  2. Indicate how many posts (videos) will be reposted in one operation.
  3. Set the tool’s daily Repost limit here. Once reached, the tool will automatically cease operations until the next day. For users who wish to warm up their accounts, you can set the daily cap to rise gradually until it reaches your target. Just make sure to use this feature gradually.
  4. You can set an hourly cap with this option; it works like that of the daily limit.
  5. The tool’s hours of operation.
  6. You can instruct the tool on which particular days of the week it should operate.
    By selecting the Rotate Days option, you can randomly rearrange the days that you designated for the Follow tool to function each week. For example, if you select Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the tool will choose a different set of three days for the next week. You can also decide to remove users from the rotation if you don’t want to follow them on the weekends.

Repost Settings

  1. As mentioned earlier, this will send the reposted videos to a campaign’s Posts List tab. Select your desired campaign from the drop-down menu.
  2. There’s an alternative option to send the item to the Drafts.
  3. Since YouTube videos require titles, this is where you specify the video title for the items to be reposted. You may use the tokens indicated, and they will be replaced with the respective information.

Post Caption Text

  1. Specify the video description. Just like the Post Title Template, you may use tokens in this section too.
  2. We have integrated the use of AI Content to generate the video description. From the Post Caption Text, you need to input the token [AI_CONTENT] so that SU Social will recognize that it needs to generate a caption based on the prompt specified here.
    Note that you need to set your Open AIAPI key under the Settings > Connectivity tab before you can use AI-generated content.
  3. Choose this option if you want SU Social to look for and replace a particular text.
    ✅ As seen from the examples provided in the text box, you have X=Y, where X is the word it would search for and Y is the word that will replace X.
  4. Use this option to add hashtags at random from a specified list.


  1. Keyword search – SU Social will look up videos based on the keyword(s) you entered. You may also specify the upload date, duration, type, and order to sort the search results.
  2. Repost specific videos – if you have a list of YouTube videos that you want to repost, simply enter the URLs here following the format specified then click on ADD TO REPOST LIST.
  3. Repost from user/channel – specify the YouTube user/channel URL here and click on ADD TO REPOST LIST.


There’s still a section for the reposted URLs even if they are not immediately reposted to the account. You’ll find here the list of all videos processed successfully along with action links to DELETE, BROWSE (using an external browser), BROWSE EMBEDDED, or to COPY them.

As mentioned earlier, these videos will be queued in the campaign’s Posts List tab (or Drafts, depending on your settings) for later publishing.


The YouTube Repost tool for SU Social offers a valuable solution to the challenge of managing content on YouTube accounts. By allowing users to curate and schedule the reposting of videos, it promotes the responsible sharing of content while fostering collaboration among creators and enhancing the discovery of new material. This tool streamlines content curation and sharing, benefiting both viewers and content creators when used responsibly.

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