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The Pinterest Unfollow Tool


It’s crucial to recognize the limitations set by social networks and follow their guidelines. Every platform has its own restrictions on the maximum number of followings an account can have. Once you hit that limit, you won’t be able to follow additional users unless you start unfollowing some of your previous follows.

Fortunately, SU Social’s Pinterest Unfollow tool is here to make your life easier by managing the unfollowing process for you. Whether you’ve reached the maximum number of followings or want to maintain a balanced ratio of total followings and followers for added credibility, the Unfollow tool can handle the task efficiently.

Using the Pinterest Unfollow tool

Go to the TOOLS view, clickon your account there, and then go directly to the Unfollow tool tab. This tool does not have additional tabs and it directly shows you the tool’s settings.

Run Timers

  1. Unfollow items after a minimum of X days after SU Social has followed them
  2. The interval time before a new unfollow operation starts
  3. How many users/boards will be unfollowed for each operation and the delay between the unfollow per user/board.
  4. The tool’s execution hours.
  5. You can choose to set a random sleep time wherein the tool is going take a rest from executing the unfollow action before starting a new operation
  6. The days you chose for the Unfollow tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week by choosing the Rotate Days option. For instance, the tool will select a different set of three days for the following week if you chose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you don’t want to unfollow users on weekends, you can also choose to exclude them from the rotation.

💡 There is no estimated value of how many unfollows per hour and per day will be made with your Run Timer settings but there is a counter for how many users were unfollowed in total.

Unfollow Limits


  1. Maximum number of users/boards to be unfollowed per day; SU Social will pick a random number from the X-Y maximum unfollows you have configured and use that as the limit for a particular day.
  2. Maximum number of users/boards to be unfollowed per hour; SU Social will pick a random number from the X-Y maximum unfollows you have configured and use that as the limit for a particular hour.
  3.  Enable automatic follow/unfollow option is very useful when you want to maintain a balance between your followers and followings; this will let you run the follow and unfollow tool interchangeably by automatically stopping and starting whichever tool depending on the condition you set in the said option.

User Filters

  1. Do not unfollow followers – use this option to avoid unfollowing the users who followed you back.
  2. Delay Unfollow for followers – use this option if you do not want to unfollow the users straight away, and unfollow them only after X days have passed since you followed them. Note that this option will become unavailable if you have selected Do not unfollow followers.
  3. Use whitelist – If you don’t want to unfollow certain users, you can include their usernames in the whitelist option and SU Social will not carry out the unfollow action on them.

No Results tab?

There is no Results tab for the Unfollow tool but you may check the items under the Follow > Results tab and see if the Unfollowed Column displays a Yes.

Unfollowing users followed outside of Su Social

Should you wish to unfollow users that were followed manually or outside of Su Social via different software, you will need to import those users first through the option to Import people you’ve followed manually. You need to import them since Su Social only keeps track of those it followed and it cannot see those whom you’ve followed manually. Just like when extracting users, there’s a scroll time indicated, this will determine how long will Su Social scroll on your followings page. Then the Set the date for the extracted user to X days ago option does not have something to do with getting more users. This is just a value used to identify the extracted items.

There are two options available for Pinterest: to EXTRACT FOLLOWING or EXTRACT FOLLOWING BOARDS. From the sample below, you’ll notice that the manual extractions made have FOLLOWING_30 as a keyword and it’s a signifier that they are set as if they were followed 30 days ago. Hence, you need to set the Unfollow tool to unfollow users after a minimum of 29 – 29 days for these users with the FOLLOWING_30 keyword to be unfollowed.

💡 To extract older followings, you need to increase the scroll time (which is by default at 300 seconds or 5 minutes). We really won’t advise you to further increase this as social platforms take it as a sign of automation when there is prolonged scrolling performed on a certain page, and it will either stop giving out results or it will end with a timeout error. We’d like to add as well that social platforms also limit the number of followers/followings shown so you can’t get all older followings in just a single extraction.

What you can do is make sure all users with the keyword FOLLOWING_30 get unfollowed first. Now if there are no more users to be unfollowed with that keyword, you can run another extraction to get the older followers. It’s also best to stop using the Follow and Follow Back tools if you want to focus first on unfollowing older users since following new users will make it harder to reach the older users on the followers list.


SU Social’s Pinterest Unfollow tool is a simple and efficient solution for managing your account. If you’re a social media user who has reached the following limit on Pinterest or wants to maintain a healthy balance between followers and followings, this tool can definitely help. With this tool, you have complete control over the unfollowing process, whether you want to manage your total followings or maintain a balanced ratio for increased credibility.

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