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The Pinterest Follow Back Tool


On Pinterest, building a connection with your audience is crucial to gaining their trust and loyalty. One way to do this is by reciprocating their follow and showing appreciation for their interest in your brand.

Fortunately, SU Social offers a Follow Back tool for Pinterest that can help you do this efficiently. With just a few clicks, you can follow back users who have followed your Pinterest account, fostering a stronger connection with them and enhancing your brand image. This can help you build a more positive reputation and increase the likelihood of conversions. So, if you’re looking to boost your Pinterest presence and connect with your audience, consider using SU Social’s Follow Back tool.

Using the Pinterest Follow Back tool

From the TOOLS view, click on the Follow Back tool from the list of tools we have for Pinterest accounts.

Configuring the Follow Back tool is like a walk in the park, it’s very simple and you can set it up in less than a minute or so.

  1. Set the interval that the tool will wait before a new operation starts.  The amount of time it would wait is randomly selected between X-Y minutes that you have specified.
  2. Select the number of users that the tool will process and follow for each operation.  Again, the number is randomly selected from X-Y that you’ve indicated.
  3. Check this option to send the users to the Follow tool’s Extracted Users tab so that the Follow tool filters will apply once you run the Follow tool.

💡Note that you can see the number of users you followed back at the bottom part of the tool and the users will also reflect on the Follow > Results tab.

✅ As much as possible, do not use aggressive settings to keep your account safe and sound.

✅ Combining the Repin, Comment, and Follow Back tools, can help build rapport with your target audience.


Following back on Pinterest can be a valuable strategy to build a strong and engaged community, foster trust and loyalty, and keep up with the latest trends and conversations in your niche. With SU Social’s Follow Back tool, you can quickly and easily follow back users who have followed you, demonstrating your appreciation and creating a positive image for your brand. By doing so, you can strengthen your connection with your audience, enhance your overall Pinterest experience, and increase your chances of building a successful brand or business.

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