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The Pinterest Follow Tool


To stand out in your niche on Pinterest, it’s important to not only have great content but to also attain the attention of your target audience. One effective way to do this is by targeting users who have an interest in what you offer, starting with big accounts in your niche and following their followers. However, this can be a time-consuming task, especially if the account has a large following.

That’s where SU Social’s Follow tool comes in. This tool automates the process of following users, saving you time and effort. With more time to focus on your content and growth strategies, you can take your Pinterest account to new heights using SU Social’s ultimate automation tool.

Using the Pinterest Follow tool

The Follow tool can be accessed by going to the TOOLS view, clicking on your account there, and then going directly to the Follow tool Settings tab.

In order to set up your Follow tool, we will go over each of the four tabs in this guide:

  • Settings
  • Sources
  • Extracted Users
  • Results

Settings tab

This is the tool’s main control panel, where you can set its behavior and frequency of use. You have the option to customize your experience using its five key sections. These sections include:

Run Timers

  1. The interval between each operation is determined by the number of minutes to wait before starting a new operation.
  2. The number of users to be followed per operation.
  3. The hours during which the Follow tool will perform actions.
  4. The option to add a random sleep, allowing the tool to rest before starting a new operation after executing a specified number of follows.
  5. The option to pause the tool for a set amount of time after a certain number of follows have been completed.
  6. You can let the tool know which specific days of the week should it run for.
    The days you chose for the Follow tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week by choosing the Rotate Days option. For instance, the tool will select a different set of three days for the following week if you chose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you don’t want to follow users on weekends, you can also choose to exclude them from the rotation.

Follow Limits

  1. Set a daily cap for the Follow tool, and when it is reached, it will automatically stop following until the following day. You can also set the daily cap to rise steadily until it reaches your daily target; this feature may be helpful for users who want to warm up their accounts but remember to use this gradually.
  2. With this option, you can set an hourly cap; it functions similarly to a daily cap.
  3. With this option, you can instruct Su Social to alternate between the Pinterest Follow and Unfollow tools in accordance with certain criteria. You need to check the option in both tools, then you start only one of them and Su Social will keep switching between the tool when needed according to your conditions on the option.
  4. This lets you specify how long will it scroll on the search page when collecting users to be followed. More scroll time means more users to be extracted but don’t set this too high as you may get timeout errors and Pinterest will no longer show search results because of prolonged scroll time.

User Filters

  1. User has only English characters in Bio, username – use this option if you want to avoid following users with non-English characters in their profile.
  2. User has profile image – use this option to follow users that have a profile image.
  3. These two options will help you follow users that have a range of followers/followings.
  4. Use this option to only follow users whose pins match that of the x and y limits you specified.
  5. User has a follow ratio (followers/following) greater than / User has a follow ratio (followers/following) smaller than – Following users based on their follow ratio can be achieved by utilizing these 2 filters. This technique proves to be beneficial when aiming to follow active accounts. The follow ratio is calculated by dividing the number of followers an account has by the number of people they follow.  For instance, if Account A has 2000 followers and follows 4000 accounts, the follow ratio would be computed as 2000/4000 = 0.5, resulting in a follow ratio of 0.5 for Account A.
  6. User Bio has a minimum of characters – You can use this option to follow only if the user has a minimum of X characters, it’s useful to avoid following bot accounts.
  7. Use this option to avoid following users with specific words in their bio/username/name.

After Follow Actions

There’s only one option here, you may choose to follow random users from the extracted list as recorded in the Extracted Users tab (instead of following them in order).

Sources tab

To increase conversions on Pinterest, it’s crucial to reach users who are likely to be interested in your offerings. Choosing the right sources to target is key to achieving this. By following relevant big accounts and their followers, you can reach a larger audience and improve your chances of conversion.

  1. Follow people by keyword search – Enter the keywords separated by a comma. If you want to extract users immediately, you may click on EXTRACT NOW. This will use the search URL https://www.pinterest.ph/search/users/?q=crafts
  2. Follow boards by keyword search – Enter the keyword here for the boards you want to follow. Unlike the first source, there is no option here to use multiple keywords. If you enter multiple keywords with a comma (eg. crafts,miniatures), the search URL will be https://www.pinterest.ph/search/boards/?q=crafts,miniatures
  3. Follow followers of targeted accounts – enter the users whom you want to follow the followers of and click on ADD ACCOUNT URLS.
  4. Follow followers of own followers – This is very straightforward, it will go to your followers’ followers list and get users to follow there.
  5. Follow people from a provided list – This is the Pinterest equivalent of following specific users. Just enter their Pinterest URLs and click on Add to Extracted Users.
  6. Follow friends of target Boards – This will follow the followers of the board URLs you specify. Click on ADD BOARD URLS and they will be indexed below.

Extracted Users tab


The preliminary list of users that was taken from the source(s) you provided is located on this tab. The names of those you chose to Follow from a list provided would be added automatically here. Su Social will go through each of these users’ profiles individually and determine whether the user filters you chose on the Follow > Settings tab apply to the user. The user will be followed if it passed your filter or filters. If not, you can see here which filters the user didn’t pass.

After changing your filters, if a user’s filter failed and you want to try following him again, you can click on the RESET ITEMS WITH FAILED FILTERS option above, which will reset all items with failed filters.

Results tab

From this tab, you will see the users/boards that were followed and you’ll find additional information such as:

  • The date and time when the user was followed
  • Name of that user
  • What source was used to follow the user
  • Followed Back column will show you if this user followed you back or not
  • The unfollowed column will show you if you unfollowed these users through Su Social or not

In addition, you can export the results, import followers, delete results and export follow back ratio.

✅ The follow back ratio is a valuable metric that displays the efficiency of your follow sources, enabling you to determine which sources should be maintained and which should be discarded. This feature is determined by the number of users who return the follow after you have followed them. Hence, the sources that generated the highest number of followers should be preserved.

✅ You’ll notice that there’s an option to Import people you’ve followed manually. This is particularly helpful when unfollowing users you’ve followed outside Su Social and will be further discussed in the Unfollow tool article.


If you’re looking to grow your online presence and attract the attention of your target audience on Pinterest, the SU Social Follow tool is a powerful automation tool you should consider. With this tool, you can customize various settings such as run timers, follow limits, user filters, follow settings, and after-follow actions to effectively reach your target audience. Whether you’re looking to follow big accounts in your niche or target users with specific interests, the SU Social Follow tool can help you expand your reach and save time. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to grow their presence on Pinterest and make a lasting impression on their target audience.

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