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The Linkedin Profile Viewer Tool


The LinkedIn Profile Viewer Tool is part of SU Social’s suite of tools for automating LinkedIn accounts. This tool allows you to view other users’ profiles, which can help you expand your network and interact with others. On LinkedIn, you can see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days by going to the “Who Viewed My Profile” page from your dashboard.



How to use the Profile Viewer tool?

To access the profile viewer tool, just go to the Tools –> then click on your LinkedIn account –> And click the Profile Viewer tab in the menu of tools on the left side.  the tool has 4 different tabs: Settings, Sources, Extracted Users, and Results.

The Settings tab:

In the Settings tab, you have three different sections: Run Timers, Limits, and After Visit Actions.

Run Timers section:

  1. Configure the seconds the tool will wait before executing the next operation
  2. Set how many Profile views actions should be done on each operation
  3. Set the execution hours when you want the tool to operate
  4. You can choose the days of the week when you want the tool to operate. You also have the option to ‘Rotate days’

💡 With the option “Rotate Days”, the days you selected for the profile view tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week. For instance, if you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the tool will choose a new set of three days for the next week. Additionally, you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you don’t want to view profiles during those days.

Limits section:

  1. You can set the view profiles daily limit with an option to increase preferred daily performance with X until it reaches Y number of visits per day
  2. This option allows you to set up limits of view actions performed per hour with an option to increase the number of actions with X until it reaches Y number of visits per hour
  3. Set the number of visits to make for each particular profile,
  4. This option allows you to set up the tool to re-visit the profile you’ve already visited after X-Y number of days.

After Visit Actions:

This section contains some actions that you can set the account to do after viewing the user profile. You can either:

  1. Send it to the Connector tool and connect with the profile.
  2. Send it to Follow tool and follow that person

You can also set a percentage for these actions if you don’t want those actions taken all the time. This would help randomize the actions and make the account look more normal and human.

The Sources tab

This tab contains the number of sources you can use to search for profiles to view.

Keyword search:

  1. Identify a relevant keyword for your niche and add it.
  2. Select the level of connections to target for viewing profiles.
  3. Hit the “Add Input” button to add the keyword to the designated table.
  4. Specify the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd connections to extract for the chosen keyword.
  5. Refine your search using available filters like location, company, industry, school, and past company.
  6. 💡For both keyword search and adding people from a list, you can add tags for users that will be sent to the Extracted Users. These tags come in handy for other LinkedIn tools such as:
  • Connector tool: when you opt to send those users whose profiles were viewed, it will copy that tag that you indicated for that specific source
  • Contact Tool: only users with the specified tag can be selected when sending messages.
  • Search and Contact: Where you can create different messages for different tags, you can create a specific message for users with a specific tag using the “Connection tags” source.

Add people from a provided list:

  • The textbox allows adding profiles by entering either the Profile URL or its username, with multiple profiles added by putting each on a separate line.
  • To add selected profiles/URLs to your Sources, click the “Add to Extracted Users” button.


This source allows you to see the profile of your connections. The names will not be sent to the Extracted Users tab, but instead directly to the Results tab.

Add people from a provided Sales Navigator list:

To add Sales Navigator user URLs, enter them one per line in the textbox.

Add people from groups members list:

This is where you can group’s members list URLs, add them one per line.

The users collected from the sources you specified are sent to the Extracted Users tab. The tool will then visit each user’s page on the list. You can manually remove any unwanted users from the list and the Profile Viewer tool will not perform actions on those accounts. You have the option to delete all users from the list, export them, or import preferred users from a CSV file. If you added a tag to your source, the extracted users from that source will display that tag in the TAGS column.

Add people from Post reactions:

This is useful when you want to view profiles of users that interacted with certain posts, you just add the url of posts, one per line, the tool will then get the users that ineracted with the post by checking the reactions on those posts.

Extracted Users tab


Here in this tab, SU Social will collect the users that it finds on the sources you targeted and will add then to the extracted list, the tool then will go through the list and start executing the actions and viewing the profiles of the users.

Results tab

The Results tab is the final tab. It displays all the profiles that have been visited and recorded. You can view the number of executed views on a particular account, as well as the planned number of views. The Visit Interval column displays the timing of the next view for that profile. The tab also shows the source keyword for the user.


Here in the Blacklist tab, you will be able to specifiy the linkedin usernames (one per line) that the tool will ignore when viewing profiles.


In conclusion, the LinkedIn Profile Viewer Tool offered by SU Social can provide a great opportunity for professionals to expand their network and interact with others on the platform. By automating the process of viewing other users’ profiles, this tool can save time and help users connect with more people who may be valuable to their career or business.

Additionally, by using LinkedIn’s “Who Viewed My Profile” feature, users can gain valuable insights into who is interested in their profile and potentially leverage these connections to build new relationships. Overall, the LinkedIn Profile Viewer Tool can be a valuable addition to any professional’s LinkedIn strategy.

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