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The Instagram Users and Hashtags Tool


An additional feature of SU Social is this tool that extracts suggested users and relevant hashtags. Utilizing this can be beneficial in selecting appropriate sources like the Follow, Like, Comment, and Repost tools and it can be also advantageous when choosing the right hashtags to incorporate into your posts.

How to access the Users And Hashtags Tool?

All you have to do to access the Users and Hashtags tool is to click on your Instagram account on the TOOLS view then click on the Users And Hashtags Tab on the list of tools we have for Instagram accounts.


If you want to add more sources for following the friends of a target account (followers/username; followings/username), you can utilize this function. It is advisable to use multiple sources and update them every 2-3 weeks for optimal outcomes. The ‘Suggested Users’ tool can aid in selecting the appropriate sources.

This tool extracts the users suggested by Instagram when you begin following an account. To better understand this process, you can follow an account manually using the Instagram app on your device or embedded browser.

Once you follow an account, Instagram will display Suggested Users. The following example illustrates how it appears when you attempt to follow manually through the embedded browser and Instagram app on your device.

⭐ As observed in the Embedded Browser

⭐ As seen from the app

⭐ When using the Suggested Users feature in SU Social, it won’t follow the target account you’ve added to scrape the suggested users, it’s only as if you followed the account, but when you use the Instagram app, you will need to actually follow the account to get the see the suggested users.

  1. You can type the username or a part of the username in the Search Users drop-down box
  2. Select the account you want to target,
  3. It will be added to box 3
  4. You can opt to scrape additional data by using the options we have in this section

    ➡ Start the search by clicking the SEARCH SUGGESTED USERS button

  5. The search will start and it may take some time to get the data, then it will be stored in the table as indicated in this section.



This function is designed to extract hashtags that are associated with your chosen hashtag/s or area of interest. By using this function, you can obtain a set of hashtags that can be used in your posts as well as in other tools that help increase your account’s following.

For instance, when you search and browse posts using a hashtag keyword on the Instagram app, you can see a list of related hashtags that may be of interest to you. (Example: Results for related hashtags to #foodie)

How to search for Related Hashtags:

  1. Same with the Suggested Users feature, you start by typing the keyword in the Search Hashtags drop-down box and a list of keywords would appear.
  2. Select the hashtag keyword by checking the checkbox and it will automatically get added to the allotted box. You may directly add the keyword to the box (if you want to add many keywords, set them separated by a comma).

  3. Then if you want SU Social to search related hashtags of the resulting related hashtags as well (results in more related hashtag references), enable the option Scrape a minimum number of hashtags and set it to your desired value.
  4. Start the tool by clicking the button SEARCH HASHTAGS

Search Hashtags results for #nature when Scrape a minimum number of hashtags is unchecked.

➡➡ The tool will only work if the account is valid on API (the account must have valid status on the SOCIAL PROFILES tab).


In conclusion, SU Social’s suggested users and relevant hashtags tool is a powerful feature that can significantly boost the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. By using this tool to select appropriate sources for your Follow, Like, Comment, and Repost tools, and choosing the right hashtags to incorporate into your posts, you can increase your visibility, engagement, and ultimately, your success on social media. With SU Social’s help, you can streamline your social media marketing strategies and achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

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