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The Global Tools – The Twitter Create Accounts Tool


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. Twitter, being one of the most popular social media platforms, offers a unique opportunity for engagement, networking, and marketing. However, creating multiple Twitter accounts from scratch can be a time-consuming task. This is where Su Social’s Twitter Create Accounts tool comes into play, providing an efficient solution for creating and managing numerous accounts effortlessly.

Account Creation Requirements

There are three main requirements for creating accounts in Su Social.

  1. High-quality proxy – You may create accounts on your home IP but having too many accounts of a certain social platform on one IP address can trigger verification requests from social platforms.If you are using private or dedicated proxies, we don’t recommend adding more than 2 accounts per social network in the same proxy, but if you are using 4G proxies, you can use up to 10 accounts per proxy. For more details on what proxies are supported, please click here.
  2. Email address – When using an email address to create an account, you should also enter the email password (or sometimes it will ask for the app password) and the email server. Without the email password and email server, Su Social cannot automatically confirm the account email address for the Twitter account.
  3. Phone number – If you don’t have email addresses to use, you may also create accounts using phone numbers. We do not support using your own phone numbers but you can use virtual phone numbers from SMS providers that we are tied up with. Make sure you have a valid API Key entered on Settings > Connectivity tab > Instagram/Twitter Phone Verification and that there are enough credits left.

📌 You can use either an email address or a phone number to create accounts. You don’t need to have both in one new account entry.

Using the Twitter Create Accounts tool

You can access the tool from the Global Tools page, and select the Twitter Create Accounts tool.

Settings tab

  1. Click this button to add a new account creation entry to the table below.
  2. This specifies how many items will be added when you click on the ADD ACCOUNT button.
  3. This option will automatically stop/start the tool depending on the conditions you’ve set.
  4. You can use this option if you want X number of embedded browsers to run at the same time to create multiple accounts.
  5. Use this option if you want the accounts to be created from the top of the list to the bottom instead of creating them in random order.
  6. Tick this box to retry the account creation if it fails for any reason.
  7. Use this option if you want the created accounts to be added to the SOCIAL PROFILES tab automatically.
  8. Use this option to have a delay of x – y seconds between the creation of the accounts.
  9. You can use this option to have the box for ‘use phone verification’ ticked whenever you click on ADD ACCOUNT.
  10. Here’s the embedded browser user-agent used by Su Social. You may change this if you have a particular EB user agent that you’d like to use.
  11. Click on ASSIGN PROXIES so that the items listed below will get their respective proxies based on the proxies that you added on the Proxy Manager tab.
    • You may specify proxy tagnames if you want the tool to only consider specific proxies to be used. Leaving this blank will use all proxies.
    • You may tell the tool to only use proxies that have less than X number of accounts assigned to them.
    • You may also specify how many accounts are to be created in maximum should each proxy get.

When you click on ADD ACCOUNT, an item would be listed in the table below. This is where you’ll specify the mode of creation (by phone verification or email), the Twitter name to be used, the Twitter password to be used, and proxy details.

  1. SELECT ALL – this would tick the checkbox for all items in the table below.
  2. SELECT NONE –  no items will be selected
  3. REPROCESS SELECTED – after selecting the accounts that failed, this would signal Su Social that it can retry creating the failed items,
  4. TEST EMAILS – This will only work if the email and email password (plus email server, if necessary) fields are filled out. It is used to check if the IMAP/POP3 connection works. A notepad file will show up displaying the results for valid emails.
    Alternatively, you may also do it individually by clicking on TEST EMAIL for each item.
  5. SEND SELECTED TO RESULTS – this will forward the selected items to the Results tab.
  6. REMOVE ALL – Selected items will be deleted. There is also an individual action to DELETE an item.
  7. ADD ACCOUNT IN SU SOCIAL – this would add the account to the Social Profiles tab.

Once all the requirements and your preferences are configured, you can switch the tool on by toggling the switch at the top. You will see the status and message per item for every step. You may also click on BROWSE EMBEDDED to see what happens in real time but do not interfere with the browser actions.

Results tab

Once created successfully, the item would be forwarded to the Results tab, at which point you can click ADD ACCOUNT IN SU SOCIAL to be taken to the Social Profiles tab where you can give the account a name, add tags, and other options and run the tools after.

There are other actions that you can do in the Results tab:

  1. This will give the accounts a STOPPED status once added to Social Profiles
  2. This will have the account also added to specific Destination Lists aside from being added to Social Profiles
  3. This will make the account added to Social Profiles with settings similar to a specified template account.
  4. This deletes all items in the Results table
  5. This exports all items to a CSV file
  6. This adds all accounts with a VALID status to Social Profiles
  7. This will generate a backup file for accounts created using this tool. This option is helpful if you think some accounts were lost.
  8. You can filter the accounts depending on their status.


The need for a Twitter Create Accounts tool in SU Social arose from the increasing demand for efficient social media management. Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, brand building, research, or account diversity, such tools offer convenience and time-saving benefits. By automating the account creation process, individuals and businesses can focus on engaging with their audience, promoting their brand, and leveraging the power of Twitter effectively.

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