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The Global Tools – The Embedded Browsers


Our new tool called “Embedded Browsers” helps you keep track of the primary and secondary embedded browsers opened for your SuSocial accounts. With this tool, you can easily see how many embedded browsers are currently running, which accounts they are associated with, and which tool is utilizing these embedded browsers.

How To Access The Embedded Browsers Tool

To locate the Embedded Browser tool, kindly navigate to the GLOBAL TOOLS section where you can find the tool as you can see in the screenshot below.

Primary Embedded Browsers tab

Within this tab, you will come across various columns that display different information pertaining to the currently opened primary embedded browsers:

  1.  ID: Refers to the unique identifier assigned to the executing task.
  2. ACCOUNT: Indicates the social media account associated with the opened embedded browser.
  3. DURATION: Represents the length of time for which the primary embedded browser remains open.
  4. ACTION: Displays the specific tool and action being executed within the primary embedded browser.
  5. ACTION DURATION: Depicts the duration of time taken to complete the action.
  6.  BROWSE: By clicking this option, you can open the embedded browser.
  7.  KILL: This option enables you to terminate the primary embedded browser.
  8. GO TO LOG FILE: Clicking this option will direct you to the logs file.

Secondary Embedded Browsers Tab

Within this tab, you will have visibility of the secondary embedded browsers that are specifically opened to carry out scraping operations, such as extracting Facebook posts or retrieving Pins from Pinterest …


In summary, our “Embedded Browsers” tool allows you to easily monitor primary and secondary embedded browsers for your social media accounts. Accessible through the GLOBAL TOOLS section, this tool provides information on active browsers, associated accounts, and actions performed.

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