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All LinkedIn Friends Are Not Synced


On LinkedIn, there are users who have a lot of connections—often thousands of them. Errors may occur if you try to extract every connection in a single sync operation. Su Social, however, provides a workaround that can make the extraction process easier.

Enabling sync

Make sure you have connection syncing enabled in your account’s Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization section and that the option to disable sync is unchecked if your connections are not properly syncing.

Additionally, to ensure that Su Social’s tools and operations are used properly, please make sure that your LinkedIn account is set to the English language.

Connection sync errors

The tool visits your connection list during the sync operation and starts scrolling down. Scrolling to the bottom, however, requires a significant amount of time due to the numerous connections. LinkedIn may interpret frequent scrolling as automated behavior, which could cause the page to freeze or the display of new results at the bottom to lag. As a result, the sync operation frequently yields a timeout error.

How can we make it work?

The Augment Connection List Extraction feature was created especially for instances where an account needs to synchronize thousands of connections. Go to Social Profiles > Show Advanced Profile Settings > Synchronization to access this feature. Keep in mind that this option will only be accessible if Connection sync is also checked.

On the connections list page, the Augment Connection List Extraction repeatedly completes smaller extractions. All contacts will need to be extracted over the course of several days, but this method is faster and more reliable than constantly getting timeout errors. The Friends tab will gradually have more users added.


If a LinkedIn user has a large number of connections, trying to sync them all at once may result in errors. In order to solve this issue, Su Social provides a workaround called Augment Friends List Extraction, which performs numerous smaller extractions over the course of several days in order to gradually add more users to the Friends tab.

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