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Linkedin : How To Send Messages To New Connections


Welcome to our step-by-step guide on effectively sending messages to new connections made through the Connector tool or the Search&Connect tool in SuSocial. In the realm of digital networking, establishing a robust initial communication is crucial. This guide will walk you through the process of crafting and sending tailored messages to your new connections, ensuring a smooth and impactful start to your networking journey on SuSocial. Let’s begin and unlock the potential of building meaningful professional relationships!

Send Messages To New Connections

If you are sending connection requests via SuSocial and want to send messages to the new users who accept your requests, please follow the steps below:
Before you start sending the connection requests using the Connector tool or the Search and Connect tool, you need to tag your sources with a specific tag name, as you can see below.
Please go to your Connector tool or the Search and Connect tool > Sources tab, and next to “Tags”, add your tag name.
After that, please go to the Search and Contact tool > Sources tab, check the option “Connection Tags” and add the same tag name that you added in the Connector tool or in the Search and Connect tool.
Once users accept your connection requests, they will move to the Search and Contact tool. Here, the tool will send them a message.


To conclude, this guide shows an easy way to talk with new contacts using SuSocial’s Connector or Search&Connect tools. First, label your sources properly, then use the Search and Contact tool to send messages to people who accept your connection. This method makes online networking better and helps you make important connections easily. Try these steps on SuSocial and watch your network expand!
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