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Unjoining specific groups on LinkedIn


You might have joined a lot of groups during the time that your LinkedIn account has been active, and leaving each one of them takes a lot of effort. Su Social can help to simplify this task at this point.

Unjoining LinkedIn groups has benefits such as safeguarding your privacy and professional reputation, streamlining your feed to concentrate on pertinent information, and guaranteeing efficient time management. Additionally, it protects your professional well-being by preventing spam and toxic conversations.

The LinkedIn Unjoiner tool

You already know that we will use the Unjoiner tool if you are familiar with the LinkedIn tools Su Social provides. When used for the first time, the Unjoiner tool will be empty and there won’t be any specified groups that need to be unjoined.

Clicking the corresponding action button in the image below will take you to the account’s Social Profiles > Groups tab, where you can view the account’s joined groups.

Identifying groups to be Unjoined

The tool can be instructed to unjoin certain groups in one of two ways:

  1. Selecting each group’s SEND TO UNJOINER action button (highlighted in yellow).
  2. Choosing the SEND SELECTED TO UNJOINER option under EXECUTE ACTIONS ON SELECTED ITEMS after marking the groups with the tickboxes (boxed in red).

The groups will appear on the WAITING FOR AN UNJOIN REQUEST list of the Unjoiner tool once they have been chosen. The tool will then unjoin the groups one at a time after you turn it ON. Those groups that are successfully unjoined will appear on the corresponding list.

While the unjoin operation is running, you can open the browser, but you shouldn’t pause the browser’s operations. Once it leaves the groups as instructed, you will see that it did so.


There are many advantages to leaving LinkedIn groups, including protecting personal information, using time wisely, and preserving emotional stability. You can have a more fulfilling and satisfying online experience by evaluating and removing yourself from groups that are no longer relevant to your interests.

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