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The Twitter Email Validation Tab


Similar to other social media platforms, Twitter prioritizes community authenticity and personal interaction. To maintain this, they occasionally require users to verify their accounts via email or phone. When using SuSocial, you may experience email confirmation status changes, triggered by factors like IP address/proxy changes, multiple logins, or using a new computer/browser.

While email verification is a straightforward process, it becomes tedious when managing multiple accounts. Since the timing of email validation is uncertain, SuSocial offers options to email verify your Twitter accounts without the need to do it manually for each account. This simplifies the task and ensures smoother management of your accounts.

SuSocial Email Validation tab

Setting up the Email Validation tab

  1. To initiate email verification in SuSocial, begin by configuring the Email Validation tab for your account. Access the SOCIAL PROFILES view, select the desired account, and proceed to the Email Validation tab.
  2. In order to enable email verification for your SuSocial account, you must provide the following details within the Email Validation tab:
  • Email/Username: This is the email address associated with your SuSocial account.
  • Password: The password you use to access your email account.
  • IMAP/POP3 server: This field may be blank for certain email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, and Mail.ru.
  • Port: The default port number is 993, but this may vary depending on your email provider.

💡 If you are using an email provider that is not mentioned above, you may need to search the web to find the correct IMAP/POP3 server information for your account.

  1. After inputting the required details into the Email Validation tab, you can verify their validity by clicking the “Test IMAP/POP3” button. If the server is deemed invalid, it suggests either incorrect information or additional steps needed for enabling email verification. In such cases, please review the entered information or refer to your email provider’s knowledge base for further guidance.

**Extra steps that might be needed for validation:

➡ For Gmail Accounts:

➡ For Yahoo Accounts:

– Enable less secure apps for IMAP to work – To do so, please visit this link: https://login.yahoo.com/account/security

➡ For Rediffmail Accounts:

– POP3 will be used as they do not support IMAP. Specify just the email and password.

➡ For iCloud Accounts:

– Generate an app-specific password for IMAP – To do so, please visit this link: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202304

Automating Email Verification Process

Email Confirmation:

If you encounter Email Confirmation for your Twitter account(s), please follow these steps: select the relevant account(s) in the Social Profiles view, click on “Actions On Selected Profiles,” and choose “FIX EMAIL CONFIRMATION.” The email confirmation process can be monitored in the Dashboard > Summary tab, and once completed, the account(s) will automatically switch to Valid status in the Social Profiles view.

Reset Password:

If you get Password Reset in your Twitter account(s), please select your account(s) in the Social Profiles view, click Actions On Selected Profiles, then click FIX PASSWORD RESET.

You should see the email confirmation process in the Dashboard > Summary tab, and once the process finishes the account(s) will switch automatically to Valid status in the Social Profiles view.


To summarize, Twitter values authenticity and personal interaction, requiring occasional email or phone verification. SuSocial simplifies this process by automating email verification for multiple accounts. By setting up the Email Validation tab with the necessary information, users can test the validity of the provided details. Additional steps may be required for specific email providers. SuSocial also offers the option to fix email confirmation or password reset issues for Twitter accounts, resulting in a smooth transition to valid status. These features enhance account management and ensure the validity of Twitter profiles.

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