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The LinkedIn Joiner Tool


Expanding your network on LinkedIn can help boost your profile and increase your reach. You have two options when it comes to growing your network:

  1. Connect with other users, and you can use the Connector tool and the Search And Connect tool
  2. You can manually search for groups and connect with users or automate the process with the Linkedin Joiner tool.

You can use the Finder tool to locate groups that fit your niche and send them directly to the Joiner tool for automated joining. Alternatively, you can manually import a list of groups into the Joiner tool for your network expansion.

How to access the Linkedin Joiner tool

Getting started with the Linkedin Joiner tool is easy, Simply navigate to the TOOLS page, select the LinkedIn account where you wish to run the tool, and choose the Joiner tool from the list on the left menu.

Run Timers Section:

Options to set up the run timers for the Joiner tool:

  1. Determine the X-Y second waiting time between each operation.
  2. Specify the hours during which the tool will carry out its actions, with the option to add multiple intervals and randomize the timers.
  3. Implement a random sleep time for the Joiner to rest for X-Y minutes after joining a set number of groups.
  4. Decide which days of the week to include or exclude for tool operation or opt to rotate days.

Note: The option to rotate days allows SU Social to randomly select the same number of days originally selected, with the possibility to exclude weekends from the rotation if desired.

Joiner Settings section:

To further customize the behavior of the Joiner tool, use the options in this section:

  1. Specify the maximum number of join actions to be performed per day and per hour.
  2. Enable the “Pick a random group to join” option to randomize the joining process.
  3. Opt to join groups based on the number of members, in descending order.
  4. Cancel pending join requests after a set number of days.
  5. Automate retries (cancel and rejoin) after a specified number of days.
  6. Automatically stop the tool after joining a specified number of groups.

Waiting For A Join Request table:

The groups sent from the Finder tool to the Joiner tool will be in the “Waiting For A Join Request table.” The Joiner tool will then process the list of groups and initiate a join request.

  1. Select All or Select None
  2. Select Doubles – to select groups joined or pending in other accounts with the same tag
  3. Remove Selected OR Remove Unselected
  4. Export Selected as a CSV file
  5. Import groups from a CSV file.

Active Join Request table:

All groups processed with join requests are displayed in this table, showing the group name, request sent date, group members, and request status (Pending or Joined).


In conclusion, the SU Social LinkedIn Joiner Tool is an essential resource for professionals seeking to grow their network on LinkedIn. By automating the group joining process, this tool saves you time and effort while enabling you to connect with other like-minded professionals in your industry. Whether you choose to use the Finder tool to locate relevant groups or import your own list, the Joiner tool streamlines the process of expanding your network on LinkedIn.

By taking advantage of this powerful tool, you can increase your profile visibility, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and engage with other professionals who share your interests and goals. Whether you are a job seeker, business owner, or simply looking to expand your network, the LinkedIn Joiner Tool is a valuable asset that can help you achieve your professional objectives

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