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The LinkedIn Finder Tool


The Group Finder Tool for LinkedIn allows you to search and find Linkedin groups that align with your niche and send them directly to the Linkedin Group Joiner tool to join them automatically. As a member of the group, you’ll have the opportunity to share your posts and engage with like-minded professionals in your industry.

How to use the Finder tool

To get started, simply go to the TOOLS view, click on your desired LinkedIn account, and click Finder from the list of tools on the left panel.

Extract From Keywords:

1. To find the right LinkedIn Groups using keywords, in the “Extract Groups that contain the following keywords” box, input the relevant keywords you wish to search for. You may use one keyword at a time or multiple keywords separated by commas.

2. To avoid groups with specific keywords, simply add them in the “Exclude Groups that contain the following keywords” box

3. Next, navigate to the Group Filters section for more precise search results.

💡 By applying the filters before starting the search, you can get precise results.

  • You can set filters such as the minimum and maximum number of group members
  • The number of groups to extract per keyword, the language, and the option to clear results before starting a new search.
  • Additionally, you can opt to ignore groups that you’ve already joined or sent to the Joiner/Unjoiner tool, as well as choose to get only open groups.
  • To better manage your extracted groups, you may set tags for each group for easy filtering and sending to the Joiner tool later.


4. Once you set the filters you want to be applied to the search and you’re satisfied with your filters, click on the EXTRACT GROUPS button and SuSocial will start searching for groups and adding them to the results section at the bottom of the Group finder tab.

Once you have completed the extraction process, the results will be displayed in a table at the bottom of the page. This table will show you the name of the group, the number of members, and the group’s URL. You will find 4 action links next to each group:

  • Delete: allows you to remove the group from the list
  • Browse: opens the group in an external browser
  • Browse Embedded: opens the group within the embedded browser of the LinkedIn account where you are running the Finder tool
  • Copy: copies the group’s URL for convenient use later on.

To send the resulting groups to the Joiner tool:

To transfer the groups to the Joiner tool:

  1. Tick the checkbox located on the left side of the group name you wish to join. You have the option to select them individually or Select all groups by clicking SELECT ALL.
  2. After making your selections, click on SEND SELECTED TO JOINER.


Additional actions that can be executed on the extracted groups:

For additional customization, use the ADVANCED SELECTION button to launch a smaller window where you can filter the groups based on parameters such as the group name and number of members.

For even more options, you can use the following:

  • Select All: selects all groups
  • Select None: deselects all groups
  • Select None Filtered: deselects filtered groups
  • Reverse Selection: reverses your current selections
  • Remove Selected: removes selected groups from the list
  • Show Only Selected Items: displays only the groups that you have selected

💡 To send groups to the Ignore tab, simply select SEND SELECTED TO IGNORE from the Execute Actions On Selected Items drop-down menu.


In conclusion, the SU Social Group Finder Tool for LinkedIn is a valuable resource for professionals seeking to expand their network and engage with others in their industry. With this tool, you can easily discover and join relevant groups on LinkedIn, allowing you to connect with other like-minded professionals and build meaningful relationships. By taking advantage of the Group Finder Tool, you can increase your visibility on LinkedIn, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and gain valuable insights from other members of your community

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