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The Global Tools – The Instagram Words List Tool


SU Social provides various tools with built-in filters that can help you refine your search for specific users or posts. By utilizing these filters, you have the option to exclusively process users or posts that contain certain positive keywords (whitelist words), or exclude those containing negative keywords (blacklist words) that you have designated.

What’s IG Words List tool?

Although you have the option to copy settings to replicate the filters used in one account to another, it is restricted to the same tools. In other words, You can only copy settings between the same tools.

SU Social has introduced the IG Words List tool for user convenience. This incredibly useful feature allows you to add a list of keywords that can be utilized in all tools featuring those filters.

To start creating your word list, go to Global Tools > click IG Words List

How to create and IG Words List?

1. Name the list – set a name for your list that describes the words included to be able to recognize it later when you want to use it, especially if you plan to make more of them.

2. Add the words – And separate them by a comma as explained on the place holder then click the Add list of words button

💡 The IG Words List supports wildcards

  • *ant – any word that ends with ‘ant’   Ex. deodorant
  • ant* – any word that starts with ‘ant’  Ex. antlers
  • *ant* – any word that contains ‘ant’    Ex. deodorantantlers, plants

3. Once you added the words, click on the ADD LIST OF WORDS button and the list of words will show on the table of lists as indicated in the image above.

You have the option to EDIT the list and to DELETE the list.

4. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the EXPORT ALL and CLEAR buttons – These options can allow you to Export your lists and Delete all the lists, respectively.

How to use Words List in other tools?

You can use your list on any tool that has the option/filter that checks if user/post contain a specific work or not.

For example, the Follow tool – User filter below:

  1. Click the dropdown option for Words lists
  2. Select the list you want to use from the lists you created on IG Words List
  3. Click Use This List and the selected words list will be added to the provided box

💡 Note that You can add multiple IG Words List, all you need to do is to repeat the steps explained above.

💡 If you would like to edit a list, just click on Configure Lists next to the ‘Use This List’ option and it will redirect you to the IG Words List tool where you can make the necessary changes.


The IG Wrods List feature that SU Social provides can save you a lot of time. Now you can set your lists in one place and apply them when needed with just a couple of clicks.


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