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The Global Tools – The Instagram Scrape History Tool


To view details of all the scrape tasks you’ve started using the Scrape Tools, go to the IG Scrape History tab. To access the Scrape History, click on GLOBAL TOOLS then search for “IG Scrape History” and click on it.

How does IG Scrape History work?

In order for the scrape results to be added correctly in the IG Scrape History tab, the option “Save file on disk…” must be checked on the Scrape Tools prior to scraping.

As you can see from the image below, an entry will be added each time you scrape followers, hashtags, or users by location using the Scrape Tools of an account in Social profiles.

  1. DELETE ALL – Useful if you want to delete all items from the results table.
  2. EXPORT ALL – It’s useful if you want to export all the results to a CSV file.
  3. GET UNFOLLOWED USERS – you can use the history items to determine users that unfollowed, by selecting two similar scrapes files done at different points in time.

💡 if you click the GET UNFOLLOWED USERS button, SU Social will look up all users that are present on the older file but are missing on the new one.

  • StatusText – shows the status or progress of the scrape job
  • USERNAME – indicates the source that was used on that scrape job
  • TYPE – will show the source you used for that scrape task
  • SCRAPED IN PROGRESS – the number of scraped users so far.
  • TOTAL TO SCRAPE – the total number that you set to scrape.

Action links:

➡ DELETE: useful if you want to delete a specific item from the list

➡ VIEW FILE: click on it to open the specific results file that contains the scraped users

➡ STOP SCRAPING: Useful when you want to stop an ongoing scrape task.

➡ CONTINUE WHERE IT LEFT OFF: if the scrape job was stopped, this option allows you to continue scraping from where it left off.


In conclusion, IG Scrape History is one of the global tools that SU Social provides to help you manage your data and your accounts effectively and efficiently.

You can check also IG Words List, IG Engagement groups tools, and the other global tools that SU Social provides.

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