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Importing Cookies to Su Social


We have discussed adding your accounts to Su Social but there’s another way to add it which is by using cookies. This method is most commonly utilized by those who purchase accounts as some account providers only give the cookies file.

Note that this guide does not include importing API cookies for Instagram, you may learn more about that HERE.

What are cookies?

A browser cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie is a file that is saved on a client’s side and used for saving user data. In this case, we’ll need the cookies in JSON format. You may see a sample of it HERE.

Importing the account’s cookies before you verify the account will help you avoid the risk of encountering identity verification issues as one of the main functions of cookies is user authentication.

Importing to Su Social


We’ll use a Facebook account as an example for this tutorial. You will still need to have the Social Profile added using the ADD PROFILE button and select the one under Facebook. After that, you can enter the Facebook username and password on the respective fields but DO NOT click on Verify Account. Put a check on Show Advanced Profile Settings after.

Scroll down to the Cookies section and IMPORT the cookies (make sure to close the file prior to importing, otherwise, you’ll get an error).

It will inform you afterward if the cookies have been successfully imported or not.

Scroll back up and click BROWSE. It should show on the browser that the account is logged in.

Once it’s correctly logged in, click on the three dots > select Mark Social Profile as Valid and the account should turn VALID in Social Profiles after.

In bulk

If you have multiple accounts and you want to import cookies in bulk, the name of each cookie file for each account should be accountusername_socialplatform.txt (eg.  Facebook Account 22_Facebook.txt, Facebook Account 23_Facebook.txt, Facebook Account 24_Facebook.txt). Save all the cookies files in the same folder, and then you can use the option IMPORT COOKIES FOR MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS AND VERIFY from Social Profiles > Actions on Selected Profiles.

What if I don’t have the cookies file?

If you were given the username and password for the accounts but still want to import them with cookies instead, you may use the steps below:
Get this Chrome extension if you are using a Chrome browser:
Open Chrome > log in to your FB account with the email/username and password > once logged in, click on the Cookie-Editor icon (located beside the URL/address bar) > select Export > Export as JSON and the cookies will be copied to the clipboard automatically.
Open a new notepad/text file > paste the cookies > save the file as a text document with the filename format accountusername_socialplatform.txt
Go to the Social Profiles tab > add a new Facebook account > then input the username and password but do not click on Verify.
Import the cookies, scroll down to the Cookies section, click IMPORT, and select the file you saved earlier. Make sure that the file is closed before importing it.
Once the cookies have been imported, scroll up a bit and click BROWSE to check if the account is logged in, then click on the three dots and select Mark Social Profile as Valid from the embedded browser.

My cookies are not in JSON format

If you have cookies that are not in JSON format, you may try using any cookies converter online such as https://jsonformatter.org/


Utilizing cookies for importing accounts in SU Social presents an alternative approach to account integration, particularly useful when dealing with accounts obtained from providers who exclusively offer cookies files. Cookies, in the form of browser files containing user data, facilitate user authentication and can prevent identity verification issues from social platforms. It is a useful and straightforward method to add and verify accounts on SU Social.

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