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The LinkedIn Share Posts Tool


A great way to automate content on your LinkedIn profile page is to share other people’s posts. You can share the posts that other LinkedIn users have published by using Su Social’s LinkedIn Share Posts tool. By doing this, it prevents your profile from appearing to be inactive.

Accessing the LinkedIn Share Posts tool

You can access the tool from the TOOLS page, select the LinkedIn account you want to work on and navigate to the Share Posts tool.

We’ll discuss each of the four tabs in the following section:

Settings tab

The Run Timers, Share Limits, Settings, and Filters sections can be found in the Settings tab.

Run Timers

  1. Wait between X and Y minutes before each new operation – allows you to set up a time frame before the tool starts a new operation.
  2. Share between X and Y posts per operation – indicates the number of posts that are going to be shared during each operation.
  3. Execute between HH: MM and HH: MM – allows you to control the time when the Share Posts tool will execute actions. You can adjust this setting and also add more intervals or even randomize the timers daily.
  4. Add random sleep time – allows the Share Posts tool to rest for X and Y minutes before starting a new operation when it has executed A and B operations.
  5. Days of the week when to operate – you can choose the days that the tool will perform the actions.

    💡The days you chose for the Share Posts tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week by choosing the Rotate Days option. For instance, the tool will select a different set of three days for the following week if you chose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you don’t want to share posts on weekends, you can also choose to exclude them from the rotation.

Share Limits

  1. You can do this to set a daily cap for the tool, and when it is reached, it will automatically stop sharing until the next day. You can also set the daily cap to rise steadily until it reaches your daily target; this feature may be helpful for users who want to warm up their accounts but remember to use this gradually.
  2. With this option, you can set an hourly cap; it functions similarly to a daily cap.


There’s only one option here, and if you have this option checked, Su Social will choose a random item from the Extracted Posts tab instead of sharing the posts in order.


  1. Posts are less than X days old – this lets you control how many days old do the posts need to be before they can be shared.
  2. Post must contain any of the following words – the word/s specified here must be present on the post description so it will be shared by Su Social.
  3. Post must not contain any of the following words – any post with the word/s listed here will be skipped by Su Social.

Sources tab

The sources you select play a critical role in reaching users who might be interested in your posts and improving your chances of getting connection requests (or getting them approved). For each source option, you can set up a text along with your shared content. You can also leave it blank if you wish. You may use spin syntax and emojis to make your caption unique and avoid getting marked as spam.

  1. Share posts by keywordsYou can use this source option to share posts that are found from the keyword search on LinkedIn. Enter the keywords separated by a comma. After you add your keywords and write your caption, click the ADD INPUT button. They will be added to the table below the source option.
  2. Share posts by urlThis source option is useful if you already have a URL of the post you want to share. If you want to add multiple post URLs, you need to separate them with a new line Add your caption (optional) and the post URLs in their respective box, then click on the ADD TO EXTRACTED POSTS button. The post will be added to the Extracted Posts tab automatically and it will have MANUAL as the keyword.

  3. Share posts from Walls/Pages/Profiles – Use this source option to share posts that are published on LinkedIn walls/pages/groups. Add the URL of the wall/group/profile in the provided box, and write your caption (optional). If you have multiple target walls/groups/profiles, you need to separate them with a new line. Click on the ADD button. Your target groups/walls/profiles will be added along with your comment text in the table below the source option.

Extracted Posts tab

This is where the posts to be shared will be listed. In the event that it does not get shared for failing a certain filter, the reason will be stated in a specific column.

For the action buttons, you can DELETE ALL items, EXPORT ALL, and IMPORT a CSV file (if you have any, see the export sample for the CSV format). Under MORE ACTIONS, you can RESET ITEMS WITH FAILED FILTERS or this account and for all accounts, and you can SEND TO/SPLIT WITH OTHER ACCOUNTS WITH THE SAME TAGS.

Results tab

The successfully shared items will be listed here. You can also see here the title of the post, the link, which keyword (or source) did it come from, post text (if any). You also have action buttons to DELETE ALL, EXPORT ALL, and individually DELETE, BROWSE (open on an external browser), BROWSE EMBEDDED, and COPY each link.


The LinkedIn Share Posts tool from Su Social is a great way to keep your LinkedIn profile active and up-to-date without having to create content from scratch. By following a few simple steps, you can automate the process of sharing others’ posts and control the frequency and volume of your shares using the tool’s settings.

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