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The LinkedIn Company Pages Scraper Tool


Company pages on LinkedIn provide valuable information about a company’s mission, products, and services, as well as updates on job openings and company news. By scraping company pages on LinkedIn, you can gather valuable insights into a company’s operations and performance. This data can be used for market research, competitor analysis, lead generation, and more.

By analyzing the information gathered from LinkedIn company pages, you can gain a better understanding of the market and make informed decisions for your business. You are in luck again because this is another thing that Su Social can help you with its LinkedIn Company Pages Scraper tool.

Using the LinkedIn Company Pages Scraper tool

By choosing the LinkedIn account you want to work on from the TOOLS page, you can access the tool and find the Company Pages Scraper tool.

We’ll discuss each of the four tabs in the following section:


Run Timers

  1. Wait between X and Y minutes before each new operation – allows you to set up a time frame before the tool starts a new operation
  2. Comment between X and Y items per operation – this will let you decide how many companies will be scraped per operation
  3. Execute between HH:MM and HH:MM – this option allows you to control the hours that the tool performs the scheduled actions. You can also add more intervals or even randomize the timers
  4. Days of the week when to operate – you can choose the days that the tool will perform the actions

💡The days you chose for the Company Pages Scraper tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week by choosing the Rotate Days option. For instance, the tool will select a different set of three days for the following week if you chose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you don’t want to scrape company pages on weekends, you can also choose to exclude them from the rotation.


This lets you specify how long will it scroll on the search results when collecting company pages. More scroll time means more pages to be extracted but don’t set this too high as you may get timeout errors and LinkedIn will no longer show search results because of prolonged scroll time.

Auto Export Settings

  1. Export results every X hours – the items on the Results tab will be automatically exported to a CSV file every X hours specified. Choose the export location on the action button below and there’s an option to only export newly extracted items.
  2. Export a consolidated file for all LinkedIn accounts every X hours – there’s an alternative option to export a consolidated file for all LinkedIn accounts that you have in Su Social.

💡 You may only choose one export option from the two choices above. If you choose one, the other option automatically gets unchecked.


  1. Keyword search – You can use this source option to look for companies that are found from the keyword search on LinkedIn. Enter the keywords separated by a comma. After you add your keywords and write your caption, click the ADD INPUT button. They will be added to the table below the source option.
  2. Add companies from a provided list – This source is used when you want to extract specific company pages. Just enter their LinkedIn URL and click on Add to Extracted Companies.

Extracted Companies

This is where the companies to be scraped will be listed first. For the action buttons, you can DELETE ALL items, EXPORT ALL, and IMPORT a CSV file (if you have any, see the export sample for the CSV format). There are also options to DELETE ALL FROM SELECTED ACCOUNTS and EXPORT ALL FROM SELECTED ACCOUNTS.


The successfully scraped items will be listed here. You can also see here the date it was processed, which keyword (or source) did it come from, the company name and other details plus the company link. You also have action buttons to DELETE ALLEXPORT ALL, and individually DELETEBROWSE (open on an external browser), BROWSE EMBEDDED, and COPY each link.


Scraping company pages on LinkedIn can provide valuable insights into a company’s operations, performance, and industry trends. Su Social’s LinkedIn Company Pages Scraper tool can help streamline the data extraction process, and this data can be used for market research, lead generation, and identifying potential business opportunities.

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