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The LinkedIn Cancel Connection Requests Tool


As a LinkedIn user, you probably know how important it is to grow your network and establish connections with other professionals. However, sometimes we might accidentally send a connection request to someone we don’t know or who is not interested in connecting with us. This can result in our connection requests being ignored or even marked as spam, which can harm our professional reputation.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: SUSocial has a tool that allows you to cancel your LinkedIn connection requests in bulk, quickly and easily. With this tool, you can save time, improve your efficiency, and ensure that your LinkedIn requests are only sent to people who are genuinely interested in connecting with you.

In this guide, we will explain how this tool works, how to set it up, and how to use it effectively to cancel your LinkedIn connection requests.

How to use the Cancel Connection requests tool?

To access the tool, you simply need to click on the TOOLS from the left menu panel in the SU Social user interface, then click on your Linkedin account there, then click on Cancel Connection Requests tool from the lists of tools we have for Linkedin accounts.

The tool consists of two tabs, Settings, and Results tab.

Settings Tab

The settings tab is where you can configure the tool, control it, set its limits to control its behavior and the number of connections it cancels per day and hour.

It consists of two sections:

1 – The RUN TIMERS Section

  1. The Wait between X and Y seconds before each new operation feature lets you set the number of seconds the tool should wait before canceling new connections.
  2. You can also set the number of Cancel actions to do during each operation using the Cancel between X and Y connections per operation option.
  3. The Execute between HH:MM and HH:MM option allows you to set the specific time frame for the tool to carry out the cancelation of connections.
  4. The tool can also be set to randomize these timings on a daily basis.
  5. The Days of the week when to operate option lets you choose the specific days of the week for the tool to Cancel connections.
  6. The “Rotate Days” option allows the tool to cycle through the days you selected.

💡With the option “Rotate Days”, the days you selected for the cancel connections requests tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week. For instance, if you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the tool will choose a new set of three days for the next week. Additionally, you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you don’t want to cancel connections during those days.

2 – The SETTINGS Section

  • You can set how many requests to cancel per day and per hour.
  • You can set for how long the tool keeps scrolling the search page.
  • You can also opt to keep a maximum of X pending connection requests.

Results Tab

Here you will find the tool’s results where we keep the records of the requests that get canceled.

The results table will contain useful info about the requests that the tool canceled, like the Date when it got canceled, the name if the user.

You will also have link options

  • DELETE – to delete the user from the results table.
  • BROWSE – This will open the profile of the user on your default browser.
  • BROWSE EMBEDDED – This will open the user’s profile in the Embedded browser.
  • COPY – is an option that can allow you to copy the user’s URL link.


In conclusion, automating the cancellation of LinkedIn connection requests that you send either through the Connector tool, Search and Connect tool, or manually, is a smart and efficient way to manage your LinkedIn networking activities. By using an automated tool, you can ensure that your connection requests are targeted to people who are interested in connecting with you, avoid spamming people, and protect your professional reputation.

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