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The Instagram Unfollow tool


With the Su Social Instagram Unfollow tool, you can conveniently and automatically unfollow Instagram users whom you previously followed. This feature enables you to unfollow users who have not reciprocated your follow, also referred to as “follow back”, after a specific duration. In addition, you can use the tool to unfollow those you followed manually, or unfollow everyone you followed, regardless of the method used to follow them.

Unfollow Settings

To access the Unfollow tool, you just need to click on your account on the TOOLS view, then click on the Unfollow tool from the list of tools we have for Instagram accounts.

The Unfollow tool contains four sections which we will discover together below.

Run Timers Section

  1. STATUS – This shows the status of the Unfollow tool and you also have The switch button that you can use to start/stop the unfollow tool.
  2. Unfollow users after a min of x-y days – Allows you to set a delay that the tool will  wait after you follow them before it starts unfollowing the users.
  3. Wait Between X-Y minutes between each operation – This allows you to set a delay before starting the next unfollow operation.
  4. unfollow between X-Y users on each operation – This allows you to set how many users to unfollow on each operation.
  5. The Execute between HH:MM and HH:MM option allows you to set a specific time frame for the tool to carry out the unfollow actions.
  6. You can check it to add random sleep time after X-Y operations.
  7. Stop the tool for X minutes after Y unfollows – This option allows you to stop the tool for a time you can specify in minutes after doing a target number of unfollow actions.
  8. The Days of the week when to operate option lets you choose the specific days of the week for the tool to make the unfollow actions.
  9. With the option “Rotate Days”, the days you selected for the Unfollow tool to operate can be randomly rearranged each week. For instance, if you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the tool will choose a new set of three days for the next week. Additionally, you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you don’t want to unfollow users during those days.
  10. This option allows you to increase the number of actions the tool does per operation daily until it reaches your target number of actions per operation.
  11. This option allows you to decrease the wait time between each operation by X-Y minutes until it reaches the minimum target you want to keep between each operation


  • Unfollow x-y per day – This allows you to set a daily limit for the Unfollow tool, when reached, the tool will stop automatically unfollowing until the next day, additionally, it allows you to set the daily limit to increase daily until it reaches your unfollow daily target, and this may be useful for users that want to warm up their accounts.
  • Similar to the daily limit, we have also an option that can allow you to set an hourly limit for the Unfollow tool.
  • This option allows you to enable contextual actions when unfollowing users. When enabled, the tool will unfollow a user then it unfollows the rest of the users of the current operation from the current context.
    💡 This works when the account is set to use the Embedded browser to Unfollow and also when using the API (Full API Emulation must be enabled for it to work).
    💡 Read more about contextual actions.
  • Scrape all users before unfollowing allows you to set the tool start unfollowing only when the tool extracts all the users that will be unfollowed on the current operation.
  • Enable Automatic Follow/Unfollow allows you to switch automatically between following and unfollowing users based on conditions you set on the option.


In this section, you will find a set of filters that you can use if you want to configure the tool to unfollow users according to certain conditions.


Below we will discover some of the filters from the USER FILTERS section

Do not unfollow followers

Useful if you don’t want to unfollow followers, when checked the tool will skip the user if the user is following you.

Delay unfollow for followers

This is useful if you want to unfollow followers too, but you want to add a delay for the tool when the user is a follower.

Also target users followed from outside Su Social

This option is useful when you want to also target users that you followed manually or other applications outside Su Social.

User has a follow ratio (followers/followings) greater than X

User has a follow ratio (followers/followings) smaller than Y

These filters are useful when you want to unfollow users based on their follow ratio.

User has a number of followers/followings in a specific range

This filter is useful when you want to only unfollow the user when their followers number and followings number fall in specified ranges.

Do not unfollow likers/commenters/DMers/story viewers

Those filters are useful when you want to avoid unfollowing users that interacted with your posts and your content.

💡For likers and commenters the tool will check the most recent 12 posts.

Do not unfollow users that you saved their posts

You can use this option to avoid unfollowing users whose posts were saved by you. So if you saved a post for user X, the Unfollow tool won’t unfollow user X.

Do not unfollow close friends

Use this option if you don’t want the tool to unfollow users you added to your close friends. You can add users to your Close Friends list via the Instagram app on your phone.

Use whitelist

This is where you add the list of users that you don’t want the tool to Unfollow. The users that will be added to the whitelist will be ignored when unfollowing users.

💡You can opt to auto-extract users you followed outside Su Social to the white list using the option we have on the Whitelist option.


Unfollow specific users

This is the option you use if you have a list of users that you want to set to be unfollowed.

  1. You can auto-extract users that unfollowed you to be added to the list to be unfollowed.
  2. Allows you to auto-extract users who just followed back and add them to the list.
  3. You can auto-extract pending requests you sent to be canceled.
  4. This option allows you to ignore users in the white list when extracting users.
  5. This option is useful to keep the tool working when you enable unfollowing specific users.
    💡When left unchecked, if the list goes empty, the tool will stop working.

💡Note that you can force an extraction for pending requests using the EXTRACT PENDING FRIENDS REQUESTS button.


Suspend when temporary blocked 

This option allows you to suspend the unfollow tool for x-y minutes when the account gets temporarily blocked by Instagram (action block with expiry date info).

Like while unfollowing

Use this option if you want to automatically start the Like tool when the Unfollow is active and stop when it’s not.

Skip wait time when no more results

Use this option to skip the delay set between operations when you get no more results found.

Do not temporary block when the unfollow button get stuck in loading instead of unfollowing.

This is useful when unfollowing users on the Embedded browser, the Unfollow button when pressed does not do anything and it gets stuck on loading and it never unfollows the user. In that situation, we consider that Instagram blocked you and we return a temporarily blocked error which will suspend the tool, so you can use this option if you don’t want the tool suspended in that case.


In conclusion, the Su Social Instagram Unfollow tool can be a valuable resource for managing your Instagram account and keeping your following list streamlined. By using the tool to automatically unfollow users who have not reciprocated your follow or those you followed outside Su Social, you can maintain a more engaged and active following list.

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