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The Instagram Follow Back Tool


With the Su Social Instagram Follow Back tool, you can reciprocate the follow action that someone has performed on your account. This act of “returning the favor” is a common courtesy in the social media world and offers an excellent chance to engage with your followers by gaining access to their content. This tool allows you to have priority on your followers’ content and interact with them.

How to access the Follow Back tool?

All you have to do is to click on your Instagram account on the TOOLS view, then click on the Follow Back tool from the list of tools we have for Instagram accounts.

Follow back Settings

Here you can set some settings for the Follow Back tool

  1. Status – This will show the status of the tool and you can use the Switch Button to stop and start the tool.
  2. Wait between x-y minutes before starting the next follow back operation.
  3. Follow back between x-y users on each operation allow you to set how many users to follow back on each operation and the delay to take between each follow action.
  4. Use this option if you want to send users to follow back to the Follow toolFollow Specific Users Source.

Follow Back User Filters

Here you can set and apply some filters for the users to follow back.

  • Do not follow private users
    Use this option if you don’t want to follow back private users.
  • Followers/Followings ratio is in range
    Use this option if you want to follow users back if their follow ratio is on a certain range.

    💡The follow ratio is computed with the formula: followers-number/followings-number
    if Account A has 2000 followers and 4000 followings, it will be 2000/4000 = 0.5, hence, Account A has a follow ratio of 0.5.

  • User has a number of followers/followings in a specific range
    When this option is checked, you will set the range of x-y followers and x-y followings that the user’s followers/followings number you will follow back must fall into.
  • User has a profile image
    Checking this option means that the user will be followed back only when he has a profile image and it will be skipped if not.

💡Note that you can see the number of users you followed back at the bottom of the User Filters Section.


Like for the Instagram Follow Tool or any other tool for that matter, you have to be considerate of your settings and avoid going aggressive with your actions. You can use the Run timers to randomize your actions and to set them to look more human-like actions.



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