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The Facebook Support Inbox Tool


Having an exceptional “support team” is just as crucial, if not more so, than having a great product. This is because it guarantees client satisfaction and ensures their loyalty through any difficulty.

Considering the enormous size of Facebook’s user community, it can be daunting to attend to the needs of each individual. To address this, Facebook has created the Support Inbox, which serves as your direct communication channel with their team. This feature allows you to receive updates on your account’s overall status, access the help center, and avail of other services.

How Support Inbox works?

Occasionally, you may receive a notification stating “We’ve removed your post because it appears to be spam. Please go to your Support Inbox for more information.” This can happen if you have included links in your post and have not completed the necessary steps, leading to your post being hidden.

It can be frustrating when multiple posts are marked as spam, requiring individual actions to undo the action so that someone from Facebook can review them again. At SU Social, we understand the inconvenience this can cause, and we have automated the necessary steps to reverse the action and unmark your posts.

By using the SU Social Support Inbox tool, you can access https://www.facebook.com/support and click on the “Request Review” button to unmark your post as spam.

To use this tool, simply click on your Facebook account from the Tools page and select the Support Inbox button.

Run Timers section

1. This is the number of X-Y seconds that the tool to wait before it starts executing a new one. A random number between X and Y will be used as the wait time for each new operation

2. Select the number of posts that you want to unspam per operation,

3. You can set the maximum number of posts that will get unmarked each day with an option to increase the specified limit per day

4. Aside from the daily limit, you can also control the number of posts to unspam per hour and gradually increase this limit each day

5. Set the X-Y hours when you want the tool to execute the actions. The tool will not perform actions outside of the hours you have indicated.

6. Check the days of the week when you want the tool to do the actions.

💡 The “Rotate Days” option.  You can enable this option and SU Social will use the same number of days you have initially selected and rotate it.

Example: You initially checked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  On the following week, SU Social will pick random 3 days to execute the action.  You may also exclude weekends in the variation should you prefer not to do any actions on those days.


The Support Inbox Tool does not have a “Results” tab, but you can view the total number of unspammed items by checking the bottom of the page, above the “Copy Settings” button

💡 If you are managing multiple Facebook accounts and want to apply the same settings to each account using the Support Inbox Tool, simply click on the “Copy Settings” button and select the target accounts, as well as the settings you wish to apply to those accounts.


In conclusion, having a reliable support team is just as important as having a quality product to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Facebook recognizes the challenge of catering to the needs of its massive community, which is why they introduced the Support Inbox tool. This tool allows users to access updates on their account’s general health, as well as the help center and more. However, receiving notifications of spam posts can be a hassle, especially if multiple posts are marked. SU Social offers an automated solution through its Support Inbox tool, which can unmark spam posts with a few clicks. The tool’s Run Timers section offers customization options for post unmarking, such as setting daily and hourly limits and executing actions on specific days. The tool does not have a dedicated Results tab, but users can find the total number of unspammed items at the bottom of the page. If you manage multiple Facebook accounts and want to apply the same settings, you can simply use the Copy Setting button. Overall, the Support Inbox tool and SU Social’s automated solution offer a streamlined approach to managing spam posts and ensuring a positive user experience on Facebook.

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