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The Facebook Reply Comments Tool


Interacting with other users’ comments on Facebook is a method to establish a connection. This can make the users feel important and valued. However, replying to comments can be time-consuming, particularly if the post has many comments. Fortunately, SU Social can simplify this task for you

Using the Facebook Reply Comments Tool

To initiate the use of the Reply Comments Tool on your YouTube account, go to the Tools tab, select More Tools, and then click on Reply Comments.

✅ The Reply Comments Tool tab has three tabs: SettingsSources, and Results.


This is the section where you can configure the settings for how the tool will respond to comment actions, as well as establish limits for the tool.

✅ The Settings tab has three sections: Run Timers, Reply Limits, and Post Filters.

Run Timers section

This part of the tool allows you to customize the reply settings such as the specific time when SU Social should reply to comments, the waiting duration between each operation, and the number of comments to be responded to.

1. This is the number of minutes you want the tool to wait before executing a new operation.

2. Set how many comments you want to reply to per operation. SU Social will pick a number between the values you set for each operation randomly.

3. Set the hours when you want the tool to execute. The tool will not execute actions outside of the time you specified here.

4. If you check this option, you will allow the tool to rest after it has executed X operations before executing a new operation.

5. Select the days of the week when the tool will execute the actions.

✅ There is a “Rotate Days” option.  You can enable this option and SU Social will use the same number of days you have initially selected and rotate it.

💡 For instance, if you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as the days for the Reply Comments Tool to operate, SU Social will randomly choose three days in the following week to execute the action. If you want to exclude weekends from the variation, you can choose not to take any action on those days.

Reply Limits

1. This is where you can set the Reply Comments tool’s daily limit. SU Social will pick a random number between X-Y each day as the limit.

💡 Example: If you set the tool to like 50-100 per day, the like/reply comments tool will like/reply to maximum X comments per day (X is a random number between 50 and 100). You can also opt to increase the daily limit each day until it reaches your preferred daily limit.

2. Aside from setting the daily limit, you can also limit the number of actions that will get executed per hour. Again, a random number will be selected from x-y.

 Post Filters

There are only a few filters for posts to get comment replies on.

1. You may filter the post depending on the number of likes;

2. Or based on the post’s creation time

3. You may also consider only the first XX posts and this is helpful for commenting on page/group posts’ comments.


This is where you can indicate the sources that SU Social will use when searching for comments to get replies.

Reply to comments of specific posts based on URLs

⏩ If you wish to respond to comments on specific posts, utilize this source. Input the post URLs individually on separate lines in the designated box. Next, add your comment text to the second box. Finally, click on the “Add to Reply List” button to save your settings.

In the table below, you can view all the URLs you have added, with additional options to filter comments based on certain words. You can choose to comment only if the post contains specific words or does not contain certain words. Additionally, you have the option to perform actions as your Facebook page.

Reply to Page/Group Post Comments

⏩ If you wish to respond to comments on posts from particular pages or groups, you can utilize this source. You can enter several URLs separated by a newline and then click the Add button.

Both source options feature two boxes below them.

The first box, labeled “Reply if the comment contains any of these keywords” allows you to respond to comments that include particular keywords.

The second box, labeled “Reply if the comment does not contain these keywords” allows you to abstain from responding to comments that include certain keywords.


You can view the comments that your account responded to on this tab. It displays the time when the comment was posted, the URL that was utilized as a source, and both the original and reply comment messages.

✅ You also have other action links including:

  • Delete All – use this if you want to clear the Results tab
  • Export All – click this action link if you want to generate and keep a record of the results
  • Delete – this will delete that specific result from the list
  • Open in External Browser – you will be redirected to the comment that you added via an external browser
  • Browse – when clicked, will open to the post URL which received the like action via an external browser
  • Browse Embedded – will launch the embedded browser of the account and visit the comment URL that received the like action
  • Copy – will copy the link of the comment URL that was liked.


The article discusses how to use the SU Social Facebook Reply Comments Tool to interact with other users on Facebook. Interacting with comments on posts can make users feel valued and their ideas important. The tool has three tabs: Settings, Sources, and Results. In the Settings tab, users can set up how the tool will reply to comments and set limits. The Sources tab allows users to indicate the sources that SU Social will use when searching for comments to reply to. The Results tab shows the comments the account replied to, and users can take various actions on these comments, such as deleting them or exporting them. The article provides step-by-step instructions for using the tool, including setting up run timers, reply limits, and post filters.

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