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The Facebook Marketplace Renew Tool


Facebook not only provides a means to connect with people but also offers a marketplace where you can buy and sell items within your community. The platform’s messaging feature makes it easy to communicate with potential buyers or sellers.

When an item is posted on the Marketplace, its availability is determined by the seller. If the item remains unsold after seven days, you can renew its listing to increase its visibility.

SU Social can simplify this process for you by automatically renewing your listings through the Marketplace Renew tool.

How To Access the Marketplace Renew tool

To access the Marketplace Renew tool, navigate to the Tools tab, choose the Facebook account you wish to use it on, and select the Marketplace Renew tab. The only section available is the Settings tab.

The tool is simple to use, and you only need to configure the Run Timers. These include:

  1. The time interval between each operation, which can be set between x and y hours.
  2. The number of posts to renew during each operation, which can be set between x and y.
  3. The days of the week when the tool will operate, and you can rotate the days to perform the unfollow actions.

📌 Although there is no Results tab, you can see at the bottom of the tool how many listings/posts were renewed on the marketplace.

💡 Additionally, you can renew marketplace posts for items that were published through campaigns by following these steps: go to Campaign > History tab > Show Advanced View > Check Marketplace Renew.

💡 To automatically renew your marketplace posts via your campaign, navigate to the Campaign Advanced Settings > Facebook tab. In addition, you can choose to mark the item as sold after the final renewal and repeat the post by adding it to the Posts List after the last renewal.


In conclusion, Facebook’s marketplace offers a convenient platform for buying and selling items within your community, with its messaging feature making it easy to connect with potential buyers and sellers. The marketplace listings are available according to the seller’s preference, and you can renew your listing for increased visibility if your item remains unsold after seven days. SU Social’s Marketplace Renew tool automates this process for you, with simple Run Timer settings that can be configured to your preferences. Additionally, you can renew your marketplace posts through campaigns and even mark them as sold or repeat the post after the final renewal. These features make the Facebook marketplace a valuable tool for those looking to buy or sell items within their local community.

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