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The Facebook Accept Group Invites Tool


Having a busy Facebook account can be a good indication of your popularity. However, managing your notifications can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to accepting group invites. While it’s not mandatory to accept every invite, it’s common courtesy to do so. Fortunately, SU Social offers a solution with its Accept Group Invites tool.

This tool automatically scans your notifications for any group invites and accepts them on your behalf.

How to Access the Accept Group Invites Tool

You can access the tool through the TOOLS tab, selecting your Facebook account, and finding the Accept Group Invites Tool at the bottom of the left tools menu. This feature saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

How to automatically start accepting group invites?

1. Determine your desired time interval before starting a new operation.

2. Choose the number of group invites to accept during each operation.

3. Set the tool’s daily and hourly limits. You can increase the limits per day or hour until you reach the maximum limit you’ve set.

4. Specify the tool’s operating hours.

5. Select the days you want the tool to perform its actions by checking the corresponding box. Otherwise, it will not take any action on that day.

💡 Good to know:

⏩ You have the option to use the “Rotate days” feature, which enables SU Social to randomly select the same number of days you initially chose. You can exclude weekends if you don’t want the tool to perform actions on Saturdays and Sundays.

⏩ The number of accepted group invites is displayed at the bottom of the page as results.

⏩ If you cannot locate the Accept Groups Invites tool from the Facebook tools menu, click on the MANAGE TABS button and select the checkbox next to Accept Groups Invites.


In conclusion, managing a busy Facebook account can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to accepting group invites. Fortunately, SU Social’s Accept Group Invites tool provides an easy and efficient solution to this problem. By automating the process of accepting group invites, you can save time and focus on other important tasks. The tool allows you to customize your preferences, such as the wait time, daily and hourly limits, and the days and hours of execution. Additionally, you can use the ‘Rotate days’ option to make the tool execute on random days, excluding weekends if necessary. The results of the tool are shown at the bottom of the page, making it easy to keep track of the number of group invites accepted. If you’re having trouble finding the tool, simply click on the ‘Manage Tabs’ button and tick the checkbox next to ‘Accept Group Invites.’ With this tool, managing your Facebook account has never been easier.

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