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The Facebook Delete Comments Tools


Spammers can be found everywhere and will attempt to spam and promote their links through various means, including comments. Unfortunately, they often leave irrelevant or distasteful comments on your posts, which can harm their engagement and make them appear unappealing.

Although you can delete these comments manually, doing so can be time-consuming, particularly if you frequently post to numerous groups.

To streamline your efforts and manage your accounts more efficiently, you can utilize SU Social to automatically remove comments from your posts.

How to use the Delete Comments tool?

To access the Facebook Delete Comments tool, begin by selecting “TOOLS” from the left panel menu. Then, choose the Facebook account where you wish to utilize the tool and select “Delete Comments” from the sub-menu.

Similar to other tools, the Facebook Delete Comments tool contains three sub-tabs, which are “Settings,” “Sources,” and “Results.”

Settings tab

This is the tab that controls the general behavior of the tool.  It consists of four sections – Run Timers, Post Filters, Delete Limits and the Comment Filters

Run Timers

In the Run timers section, you can set how the tool will operate in general.

  1. Wait between X and Y seconds before each new operation – SU Social will wait random seconds between X and Y before starting a new operation
  2. Delete between X and Y comments per operation – on each operation, SU Social will select a random value between X and Y and use that as the number of comments to delete on that operation
  3. Execute Between H: MM and H: MM – this is the hours when the tool will perform the actions
  4. Add a random sleep time – you can set the tool to pause its actions for a few minutes after it has executed a certain number of actions
  5. Days of the week when to operate – lets you choose days when the tool will work. You can simply include or exclude days by checking/unchecking them.  You can also opt to “Rotate Days”.

💡 Enabling the option to rotate days in SU Social will result in the tool using the same number of days initially selected and rotating them. For instance, if Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are selected, SU Social will randomly select three different days during the following week to execute the action. If desired, weekends can be excluded from the variation to avoid running the tool on Saturdays and Sundays.

Post Filters

  • These are the conditions that are used to narrow down the search. If the post fails any of the filters you set, it will be skipped.  Avoid using strict filters, else you will have fewer results.
  • You can filter the posts by indicating the number of likes the post received
  • You can also filter the posts depending on their creation time.
  • You may also set the tool to consider the first X posts when checking for comments to delete.

Delete Limits

  • In this section, you can set the maximum number of comments to delete per day and per hour. You can choose to increase that number daily until it reaches your target max.
  • When choosing the maximum per day or per hour, SU Social will pick a random number between the maximum X-Y you’ve indicated and will use that as the limit for that day or hour.

Comment Filters

  • These are the factors that will be considered which will help SU Social decide if the comment should be deleted or not.
  • You can set the tool to delete comments that have negative words avoid deleting comments that contain specific words

Sources tab

  • The following tab allows you to add sources that SU Social will use while searching for posts.
  • You can choose between two available sources: either specify the post’s specific URL or the Page/Group where it was published.

✅ Make sure to specify only Page or Group posts where you can delete comments from.

Delete from specific posts based on URL

Use this source if you want to delete comments on specific posts.

  1. Just add the post in the designated box provided
  2. And click on “Add to Delete List” button
  3. You can opt to Execute action as Page option, this way the delete action will be executed as a page for that specific URL

✅ In case you prefer the action to be carried out as a page, you can utilize the “Set page for all elements” option.

 Delete Page/Group post comments

Use this source if you want to Delete comments on a specific Page/Group.

  1. Simply add the Page/Group URLs (one Page/Group URL per line) in the corresponding box
  2. And click on the “Add” button

Results tab

The Results tab keeps track of all the comments that have been deleted, including the date, the content of the comment, and other relevant information.


In conclusion, spammers can be a nuisance on social media platforms, especially when they leave irrelevant or distasteful comments that can negatively impact the engagement of your posts. While manually deleting these comments can be time-consuming, using tools like SU Social can help automate the process and optimize your account management. The Facebook Delete Comments tool offered by SU Social has three sub-tabs, including Settings, Sources, and Results, which allow you to control the tool’s general behavior, narrow down your search using filters, and keep track of the deleted comments. By utilizing the Delete Comments tool, you can efficiently manage your social media accounts and keep them free from spammy and unwanted comments.

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