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The Facebook Delete Posts Tool


Growing a Facebook account is a time-consuming process that starts with creating an account and then warming it up, which can be challenging. To overcome this, a common practice among marketers is to purchase pre-warmed accounts. However, this approach has a significant drawback, as the history of the account is unknown, potentially leading to bigger issues down the line.

One solution to this issue is to reuse your previously created accounts. This practice not only saves you some money but also provides peace of mind knowing the account’s history.

How to repurpose an account?

To start the account reprocessing procedure, begin by utilizing the SU Social Unjoiner tool to separate the account from any groups it is linked with. After that, configure and activate the SU Social Unfriend tool on the same account. Lastly, remove all earlier posts from the Pages and Wall of the account.

All the steps mentioned above can be automated including the process of getting rid of old posts using SU Social Delete Posts tool.

How to automatically delete posts?

You can start cleaning up your account by going to Tools tab > click the name of your Facebook account > go to Delete Posts from the left panel menu.

The Delete Posts tool has four sections:

  • Run Timers
  • Delete Limits
  • Post Filters
  • Select Pages

Run Timers section:

This section controls the general behavior of the tool. It is where you set up how many minutes you want to wait between each new operation and how many posts are going to be deleted per operation.

Delete Limits section:

The next section is about setting up the limits of the tool. You can add the number of posts to delete per hour as well as per day.  There is also an option to increase these limits each day until it hits the maximum limit you have indicated.

Post Filter section:

The Post Filters section will help you choose which posts to delete and which ones to keep, should you prefer it that way.

You can choose if you want to delete posts that are:

  1. Older than X – Y number of days
  2. Posts older than X – Y number of days which have between A-B number of likes.
  3. Posts older than X – Y number of days which have between A-B number of likes.
  4. Posts that contain a certain word in its post message
  5. Or Posts that don’t have a specific word on its post message
  6. Extended scroll time – will allow the tool to scroll longer to find older posts

Select Pages Section:

Last is the section where you can select the Pages that the Delete Posts tool will execute actions at.

As you can see, there are several options, including:

  1. Filters option that allows you to find preferred page quicker by typing name of the Page
  2. Checkboxes that you need to tick to select the Page/s where you want to delete posts from
  3. Delete posts column is where you view how many posts have been deleted from that Page
  4. Options that you can you use to select and deselect all Pages from the list,

How to use the Delete Posts tool on Wall?

Aside from deleting posts from Pages, you can also clean your Wall using the Delete Posts tool.  However, you need to do a few extra steps before you can use it on your Wall.

First, you need to add the Wall URL as other pages for the account.  To do this, Go to Social Profiles > click the name of the account > go to Pages tab

  1. Input the Page name (Ex. My Wall)
  2. And the Profile URL
  3. Click Add Other Page button
  4. After adding the profile URL as page, you should see the page listed in the Pages tab

💡 After adding the Profile URL as ‘other page’, you’ll need to sync the account to make the Page visible in the Delete Posts tool. (Social Profiles > Actions > Sync)


In conclusion, growing a Facebook account takes time and effort. To avoid the hassle, many marketers opt to buy pre-warmed accounts, which can cause problems due to their unknown history. Instead, you can repurpose your old accounts to save money and ensure the account’s history. The process can be done through the use of the SU Social Unjoiner, Unfriend, and Delete Posts tools. The Delete Posts tool has several options for filtering, selecting pages, and setting limits for post deletion. Additionally, the tool can also be used to clean up your Wall, by adding the Wall URL as an “other page” and syncing the account. By using these tools, you can easily recycle your old Facebook accounts and start growing them anew.

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